Friday, December 11, 2009

Lots of layers

I have a 5K tomorrow morning and I was laying out my clothes this afternoon.  That way, I don't have to run all over in the morning to get myself ready.  Here is what I wear to run in when the race-time temp is below 20 degrees....

It is a TON of layers...but how else am I going to stay warm. 

First layer is the sports bra, thigh-high socks and a pair of ankle socks.  I wear 2 pair because the thigh-high ones aren't very thick.

Second layer is a set of cuddleduds....pants and a tank top.

Third layer is my thin, long sleeve tee and a pair of black running tights.  They aren't technical running tights, and I would really like a tighter, thinner pair; but these will work for now.

Fourth layer is a dry-fit tee and a pair of shorts with pockets.  The pockets are key in the outer layer so that I can keep my chapstick and a piece of gum at the ready.  My ipod and car key goes in my Spi-Belt.

The outer layer consists of my NEDA hoodie (that can be taken off and tied around my waist if I get too warm), Green Bay Packer stocking cap, green 'neck-gizer,' gloves and my shoes.  The gloves usually come off at some point and end up in the pocket of my hoodie.

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