Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rest day

Today was a day off on my running schedule.  It worked out perfectly because after church I had to work until 6:00.  But, when I heard that my wonderful sister in law was heading out for a run this afternoon, I got a little jealous.  I wanted to go for a run.  I know my body needs rest to be able to perform, but I was kinda bummed that she was getting to run and I have to wait until tomorrow.  Does that make me a runner?
That is Heather and her friend Dana at a 10K they ran last summer.

 That is me and my cousin Jason at a 5K we ran Thanksgiving weekend.  We are both running another 5K next weekend and I can't wait.  Partly because there will be chocolate!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America

For some reason, I feel very strongly that people shouldn't watch the Miss America pageant.  I have no educated reason for saying this, but I believe that there is something wrong about 53 women being paraded around a stage in ridiculous dresses, swim suits and other absurd get-ups.

I realize that the pageant is set up as a scholarship competition for young women, and that is a very noble cause, however I believe that women should be awarded scholarships based on their merit in academics, not because they look cute in a tutu.
I am thrilled that these women often support amazing causes (Kirsten Haglund's platform was eating disorder awareness), but how many young girls are sitting at home hoping and dreaming of being a pageant queen?  How many of these girls will drive themselves crazy trying to attain the perfection that they see on TV?  (and in magazines, but don't get me started on that)

I pray that the parents who are letting their daughters watch the pageant, will be available to watch it with those young girls and to answer questions that those girls have.  Beauty is so much more that what this pageant portrays.

Two quick things

First, I am so excited that I finally made my weekly mileage goal for January.  I had been shooting for 15 miles a week and the last two weeks I came up short by 1/2 a mile and 1/4 mile.  This week I slaughtered my goal.  I ran 17.8 miles.  Woo Hoo!!!  I couldn't be more excited.

Second, my mom came over today with her dog, Kenzie.  She is a very excited yellow lab who wasn't quite sure what to do with my dogs.  Penny was terrified the entire time Kenzie was here; Jedi just kept sniffing her butt.  At least I got a good picture.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I managed a 10K on the treadmill!  it actually wasn't that bad.  I wanted to do a 6 mile run, but when I got close to the end, I decided to just tack on another .2 miles and make it a 10K.  I haven't raced a 10K yet, but in my head I have a goal of 1:10.  When I ran it on the treadmill today, I finished in 67 minutes and change.  That included a couple walking breaks so that I could get a drink of water.  I find it almost impossible to drink while running.  I always end up spilling it down my front and choking on the water that does make it into my mouth. 

I am excited to start my half marathon training program.  The race isn't until the end of May and I don't 'technically' start my training until the middle of March, but I am looking forward to increasing my mileage..and doing most of my running outside!!  I can't wait!

I am also thinking of getting a Garmin.  I think it would be a wonderful way to keep up on my pace when I'm running outside.  And, I can be sure to get my full mileage in, rather that just guessing while I'm running.  My internal GPS isn't very accurate.  When I get the money from my accident settlement, I also want to get a membership at the local SNAP fitness.  I have wanted to start lifting weights for quite a while.  I really loved lifting in college and I remember some good times in the weight room hanging out with the guys.  Mostly, I think they were laughing at me.  I know that I WONT be listening to Metallica while I'm lifting.  I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.  But I am certainly looking forward to getting a little muscle definition. 

My next race is a week away and I am feeling pretty good about it.  I'm going to try to get a speed workout in on Monday and maybe a long run on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The best part is definitely going to be hanging out with Jason, Anne and Brady.  I love them to pieces and I'm so glad that Jason is motivating me to get my butt in gear for this half marathon.  I am desperately looking for a 10K to run in March.  I can't seem to find anything but 5Ks or half marathons.  I really want to get a 10K or a 15K in before I start my hard core training.  I guess I'll keep looking

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Cold.

It is cold.  It is so cold.

The sun is out, but it is deceiving.  I just want winter to be over.  And the really depressing thing is that we are probably only halfway through.  I want to run outside.  I want to wear shorts and a tank top and get a little bit sunburned.  I want to walk in the grass.  I want to be able to open the windows.  I want winter to be over.

You read that right.  The HIGH temperature today is 10 degrees.  And it will be colder tomorrow.  I miss Arizona.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lazy workout

I must be the laziest runner ever.  I was disappointed with my 5K time over the weekend and I know that speed work is the answer to a better time.  But I just don't want to work that hard.  So instead, I run 5.5 miles at 11:00 minutes miles because I know that I can keep that pace up forever.  Now I'm disappointed in my workout because when I finished, my recovery time was about 3 minutes.  I realized that I hardly even got winded.  I'm the world's laziest runner.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Good!

My new hero!
I hate the Vikings.  That is no secret.  I've hated them before they signed Brett Favre.  This NFC Championship game was classic.  I love that Brett Favre's last pass was an interception....just like it was two years ago in his last game with the Packers.  Wonderful!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freeze for Food-race recap

Yesterday's race was my first race of the season.  I've already talked about how wonderful it was to stay at my aunt's house.  That is a great tradition that I will revisit as often as I can find good races in Madison.

The race itself was a little brutal, if I'm being honest.  The weather was awful....foggy, cold, a little windy and it misted all day.  There were spots on the course where I had to really pay attention to my footing because of the ice.  Most of the rest of the course was very wet and slushy.  My feet were soaked before I completed the first mile.

I had been hoping to have a decent time; I knew there wasn't going to be a PR in that weather.  I started out strong (as I always do), focusing on keeping my shoulders back and my head up and trying to keep a decent stride.  I succeeded in the first two, but keeping a consistent stride was nearly impossible when I was constantly dodging puddles and ice patches.

It was an out-and-back course-NOT my favorite, but I was familiar with part of it because I ran it last year at the Zoo Run Run.  The people in Madison know how to organize a nice race.  They had a lot of friendly volunteers who shouted words of encouragement at me as I got to every intersection.  They had people holding back traffic and they were always smiling.  That reminded me to smile.  I don't think I ever smile while I'm running.  I have looked back at some of my race photos, and I'm never smiling.  I know that it is exhausting and I'm working hard, but I do LOVE to run.  I should at least express that.  So, every time I saw a volunteer or another runner or a spectator, I would smile at them.  I think it helped.  Especially when I thought of those poor volunteers standing in the cold misty weather.  They were probably freezing.

As is often the case in my runs, I start out too hard and lose my momentum the last 3/4 mile.  This happened again.  :-(  I just didn't have enough left to really push it to the end.  Most of the people that I passed the first half of the race, ran past me at the end.  But they were all so encouraging that it motivated me to keep going, as hard as I could.  I gave it everything I had at the end and finished in 31:21.  Not the sub-30:00 time that I want, but it was the first race of the season, and I learned from it.

I will be incorporating some speed work into my runs.  I don't want to, but I know it is important.  I am going to keep adding distance to build my endurance for the half marathon in May, but I would love to run a couple good 5Ks this year, too.

Post vacation

My mini-vacation was a nice break from the day to day grind.  It was wonderful to stay at my aunt, Sharons.  She is a great cook.  We had salmon and tilapia for dinner with a quinoa salad and steamed broccoli for dinner.  And carrot cake for dessert.  For breakfast pre-race, she made yummy baked oatmeal with a fruit compote.  I would go to her house more often just to have her cook for me.

We also watched the Hope for Haiti Now telethon.  There were a lot of very touching stories and some that just broke my heart.  It is hard not to get wrapped up in the emotion of the stories...especially the one about the kids.  I just wish I could go down there and help.  Maybe in the future.  They are going to need help for a long time.

Race recap will be coming later.  Now, I gotta get ready for church.  Yea!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I am really looking forward to leaving this afternoon and heading to Madison.  I have a race there tomorrow; my first of the year!  I am thinking of this trip as a little mini-vacation.  I'll be leaving when Tim gets home from work and should get to my aunt's house around dinner time.  She is a great cook and I'm looking forward to whatever she makes.  Last time I was down there for a race, she made a delicious chicken and broccoli pasta.

But the best part will be breakfast.  The last time I went down there, she asked what I usually ate for breakfast.  I told her that a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee would be fine.  I'm pretty good at heating up water and stirring in a packet of oatmeal.  Instead, I came out of the shower to find her standing at the stove, cooking oatmeal!  And she had all sorts of fresh fruit that I could mix into to it.  It was easily the best oatmeal I have ever had.  I am secretly hoping that she will make it for me again.

Then, of course, there is the actual race.  The weather for tomorrow is really crappy.  It is supposed to be a mix of snow and rain.  I will probably get wet and be really cold.  I'm not sure if I'm going to go back to my aunt's house after the race to take a shower, or if I will  just head home.  I don't really want to drive home wet and cold.  And, I'd like to stop at Kohl's and exchange the shirt that Tim got for Christmas that is a size too small.  I guess I'll just play it by ear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today has been a frustrating day in that I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished.  I have been flitting from one thing to another and I feel very disorganized.  I did manage to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

There would have been more, but I ate a lot of the cookie dough.  I forgot how much I like cookie dough.

I cleaned Tim's new CPAP machine.

It took me forever to get the resevoir to open into two seperate pieces.  I know that Tim showed me how to do it last night, but I forgot and the thing almost drove me insane today.

At some point, there will be a post devoted to this lovely machine.  Tim doesn't like it; I'm hoping that it will help him sleep better.  We'll see.

And, I got some studying done for my EMT class tonight.
There were 3 chapters I had to read.  One of them was a quick anatomy and physiology review.  Loved that.  And another focused on lifting and transferring patients.  I think that is what we will be doing in the skills lab tonight.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I ran 2.75 miles....not too much because I have a 5K on Saturday.  I also have the second load of laundry in the dryer.  And, I went and relocated a feral cat that ended up in my mom's rabbit trap last night.  I guess I'll have to go clean my kitchen since it is still a mess from making the cookies.  And finish studying so that I am prepared for class tonight.   At some point I need to go over to my mom's house and let Kenzie out and pick up her GPS unit for this weekend.

Things that make me happy #4

I have some really great friends.  Yesterday's post was very revealing and I honestly wasn't sure how it would be received.  But my friends and family really came through for me.  I got a lot of great feedback, support, and reassurance from my friends; both those who have struggled with an eating disorder and those who haven't.  It is another reminder that God orchestrates everything in our lives.  Without the friends that I have, I never would have had the strength or courage to be so candid.  And it is their continued support that gives me the strength to continue fighting for the best possible life I can have.  So, thank you to everyone.  I love you all.

Now, I'm going to enjoy my coffee.  :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Musings on being two years removed

The coolest thing about being in recovery from an eating disorder is that life is about so much more than recovery!

When I left Remuda two years ago, I was fighting a constant battle in my head with my eating disorder.  It was exhausting.  On the outside, I maintained the facade of the dutiful girl in recovery.  But inside, I was thinking of ways to eat less, burn calories and not gain weight....without letting anyone know that I was still struggling.  I would eat my meals and drink (most of) my Ensures, but I hated every minute of it.  I hated going to the dietitian and getting weighed.  I hated my doctor telling me that I wasn't gaining weight the way I should; but I hated it more when she told me that I was.

In the months following my departure from Remuda, I thought almost constantly about recovery.  And when I wasn't thinking about recovery, I was thinking about my eating disorder.  I wanted to be recovered and not have to deal with all the thoughts and behaviors that did nothing but exhaust me, but I was so afraid of losing control that giving up my eating disorder terrified me.  I dreamed of going back to Remuda; where I was understood and I didn't have to think about anything.  Everything was done for me.  I sat down to the table and ate the meals and the snacks that were prepared for me.  I trusted that the treatment team there would take care of me.  But at home, I had to take care of myself.  And I didn't trust myself enough to be able to do that.  Every meal and every snack became an ordeal in measuring and counting and writing down everything that came in contact with my mouth.  And, heaven forbid, we would go to a restaurant!  That was more than enough to cause me to lunge for the bottle of Atarax.

For months, I went back and forth between wanting my recovery more and wanting my eating disorder more.  Even after moving back to Wisconsin (only 6 months after leaving treatment), I was still in love with my eating disorder.  I found a new treatment team and tried my hardest to convince them that I wanted to be healthy.  I don't know to what degree they actually believed me.  I don't even know to what degree I believed me.

The problem is that you can't really live in both worlds.  And, in September of 2008, eight months after leaving Remuda, I made a decision.  I was going to 'quit' my eating disorder.  I have never been really good at doing things halfway.  When I was hanging on to my eating disorder and still trying to be in recovery, I wasn't really doing either one very well.  (As if you would want to do an eating disorder well)  So, from that day on, I just quit.  I didn't have an eating disorder anymore.

I wish I could say that I recovered the same time I made that decision.  However, as with most things in life, it just wasn't that easy.  I still hated the idea of gaining weight.  But I hated feeling weak and queasy all the time.  I hated the way my clothes fit as I (healthily) gained weight.  But I hated being tired all the time and not being able to concentrate.  I hated having to sit down to a meal and eat all of it.  But I hated coming up with new ways to avoid food.

In the depths of my eating disorder, my relationship with friends and family weren't the only ones that suffered.  I wasn't really on speaking terms with God, either.  I tried to avoid going to church and other activities with our church family.  At one point, I even avoided taking communion because all I saw were calories!  It appalls me now to think back on that.  I was avoiding the act of communing with God, celebrating my Savior's sacrifice for my sins, because I was afraid that a little wafer and cup of juice were going to make me fat.
Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.  John 6:35

It has now been 14 months since 'quitting' my eating disorder.  I have reached my ideal body weight.  Ironically, I got to that weight exactly a year after I left Remuda.  I don't know what my weight is right now, but I know that my doctor will tell me if I have anything to be worried about.  I know that I am within my ideal weight range.  But more importantly, I have accomplished so much since leaving the eating disorder behind.

I went back to school and graduated from the Medical Assistant program.  I have started the EMT program, and I'm on the waiting list for the nursing program.  I have run eight 5Ks in the past few months and I'm now training for a half marathon.  I am involved in my church and looking forward to serving in more ways.  And, I am starting to develop (and renew) some authentic friendships.  And I can do this regardless of whether or not there will be food around.  It is so freeing!
Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.  Hebrews 12:1-2

I wish that I could say my eating disorder is a chapter of my life that is completely behind me.  Regardless of all that I have accomplished and all the progress I have made, there are still days when I struggle.  I will still get a little anxious if I overeat, but I know that one meal is not going to make me obese.  I have days when I want to restrict, but I know that I won't be able to be active and run and do the things that I enjoy if I don't fuel my body.

So, am I recovered?  I don't think so.  But, whereas I used to believe that I would always be in recovery from my eating disorder, I know now that a full recovery is possible.  There will come a day when the voices won't haunt me anymore.  When food won't control me.  When life will be so full of living that there won't be any room for anything else.

I don't know if my story is special or unique in any way.  I wish that I could take credit for pushing my way through these challenges.  But everything that I have done, has been done by Christ through me.
 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13
I couldn't have persevered through the dark times without the love of God and those around me who shined with His love and forgiveness.  I have received so much grace and mercy and those are the things that I will always remember when I think about this chapter of my life.
But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all ... might hear it. So I was rescued from the lion's mouth.  The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.  2 Timothy 4:17-18

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat got your treadmill?

This morning started with a nice 4.1 mile run on my trusty treadmill.  I would have gone further, but my cat Brooklyn was playing with the string that is attached to the magnet allowing the treadmill to turn on.  She was swatting at it and eventually took a hard enough swipe that she was able to pull the string and the magnet away from the machine and the treadmill came to a stop.  I could have turned it back on, but I decided that my work out was done.

I am enjoy a wonderful lunch that includes, among other things, a banana with some apple butter on it.  It was something I decided to try on a whim, and I must say that it is fantastic. 

A wonderful combination that I will probably have to try again soon.  Actually, I will probably start putting apple butter on everything.  I get on strange kicks like that every now and then.  And this is really good, homemade apple butter that Tim got from one of the customers on his mail route.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Fellowship Operating Board meeting at church.  It was great to be involved and I am really looking forward to serving the church my coordinating the volunteers in the Cafe.

Tonight is Bible study.  I am looking forward to it.  Tim won't be going.  Something about Avatar on the IMAX.  :-)  And next week I have to work so he will be going by himself.  Last week I was there by myself because he wasn't feeling well.  So, it will be three weeks without us going as a couple.  That is strange.  We'll have to make a big reentry or something.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Next on the List

I'm a planner.  I love lists and order and structure and organization and goals.  I have never been very spontaneous, although it is something I am consciously working on.  But I just feel that my life works better when I know what the next day is going to bring; when I know what I need to get done and I have a plan to accomplish it.

That being said, I have this lofty goal of running a half marathon (or two) this year, but I don't have a very good plan to accomplish it.  I've talked about having a weekly mileage goal....15 miles/week by the end of January, 22 miles/week by the end of February....but I have't planned out how I am going to accomplish these miles.  I haven't scheduled my running time into my life.  And I know that if I don't schedule things, there is a very high likelihood that they won't get done.  Especially when I have a very energetic 4 year old, and a subbing job that could have me working at the spur of the moment. 

So, my goal is to get a plan.  Maybe not a daily plan, because my life can change with a phone call at 6:00 am, but at least a weekly plan and an overall outline of the miles I need to run to get ready for the half marathon.

This week I finished the week with 14.75 miles.  I was lucky because my work replacement showed up an hour early (she didn't remember what time she started), so I went home and changed and got on the treadmill for 4.5 miles.  If I had known that I was a quarter mile from my goal, I would have ran a little farther.  That is another consequence of not planning well.

I don't think that I will get 15 miles this week, because I have a race on Saturday, so I probably won't run on Thursday or Friday (maybe just a 2 mile easy jog Thursday morning if I don't have to work).  I am going to plan for a 4-5 mile run on Monday, a 2.5-3 mile on Tuesday, a 3.5-4 mile on Wednesday.  I am going to head down to Madison Friday when Tim gets home from work and enjoy a nice dinner (carb loading) with my wonderful aunt before the race on Saturday. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time off

Today is day 2 of a three day stretch of not running.  I don't like taking this much time off between runs, especially when I need to bank up some miles if I have any hope of running a half marathon (or two).  I have also realized that I have a race in a week!  It seems like it has been forever since my Jingle Bell Run on December 12th.  I am really looking forward to this race.  It is in Madison, so I will get to stay at my aunt's house.  I'm hoping that she will make me the delicious oatmeal she made the last time I stayed there before a race.  She actually cooked it on the stove!!  And it was fantastic!!

I don't really have any time goals for this race because I don't know what the weather will do.  If it is a nice day without too much wind, I'd like to shoot for a sub-30 minute time.  But, if the weather is less than stellar, I'll just run my best race and be satisfied with that.  Then I'll start focusing on the Seroogy's race in February and increasing my weekly mileage.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interview recap

This morning I had an interview at the Marshfield clinic for an MA position in the Cardiology department.  It is actually in the Heart Failure Center and it is a brand new position.  I like that if I took the job, I wouldn't be replacing anyone and having to live up to someone else's reputation.  I'm not sure that the job is a perfect fit for me, but I would love to work for the clinic, and this would certainly give me the opportunity to get my foot in the door.  I was really thrilled about the benefits package that the clinic offers.  I can see why it is such a highly respected employer.  There were some fantastic health insurance packages (I would expect that from a clinic), great vacation time, tuition reimbursement, 401(k) and retirement plans.  The pay is a little less that I had hoped for; even after I pass my certification exam.

While I was at the clinic, I posted a couple of Operation Beautiful notes:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today was a crazy day of subbing in Middle School PE.  These kids have so much energy and it was tough to keep up with them.  I also had one section of 5th grade health.  Not surprisingly, I really enjoyed that.  The last two periods of the day were 5th and 6th grade PE.  They are currently doing a unit of tumbling.  I haven't done a cartwheel in years, and I didn't do one today.  And, it wouldn't have mattered if world peace depended on my ability to do a headstand, my body does not move that way.  Strangly, I had two kids who are children of people who I went to high school with.  That was a little bizarre.  But, I can always threaten to call their mothers if they act out.

In better news, I have an interview tomorrow.  I am excited and nervous and anxious.  Mostly because I want to be sure that I have enough time to get to the clinic, find a parking spot and get to human resources after dropping Jaden off at preschool.  The interview is in the Cardiology department of Marshfield clinic.  I think I could like cardiology.  Probably a lot of EKGs, Holter monitors, stress tests and things like that.  I am crossing my fingers that I represent myself well, and praying that if this is where God wants me to be, that He will make that clear.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Half Mary

My sister and I have been trying to decide which half marathon we want to run.  The fact that we are even considering doing this together is unbelievable.  Holly was always the runner, not me.  And if we were ever going to run anything together, I didn't think it would be any longer than a 5K.  But, I have been bitten by the running bug...HARD.  I did 4.75 miles on the treadmill this morning, and I am having to hold myself back from wanting to run more....harder....longer.  I don't want to get injured so I know that I have to be smart about the training.

I had originally intended to run the Fox Cities half marathon in September, and I think I still will.  But it is January and September is a long way off.  I want to stay motivated and keep my training going, so I think I want to do an early half marathon.  The Madison race is May 30th.  That should give me plenty of time to work up my mileage and also get some good miles running outside.  I haven't run outside in over a month now.  I do have a race in a week and a half, so I really need to get some running done on the streets....not just the treadmill.  But it is hard to want to layer up and face the cold, when I can just put on a pair of shorts and watch TV while I run downstairs. 

I was looking at my calendar this morning and trying to plan my races.  I would love to run more races, but I need to protect myself from overuse and overtraining.  This is what the race schedule looks like so far:
January--1 5K
February--1 5K (with the possibility of another 5K)
March--1 5K (looking for a 10K)
April--1 6mile, 1 8K
May--1 20K, 1 half marathon
June--2 10K
July--1 5mile, 1 5K (first anniversary of my first ever race!)
August--1 5K
September--half marathon
October--1 10mile

I may add a couple more races, especially 5K's if they fit into my taper period for the longer races.  Looking at it, it seems pretty ambitious.  I hope I can pull it off.  And I am praying for no injuries.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Boo Hoo

I'm trying to get through the day without any tears over last night's heartbreaking Packer's loss to the Cardinals.  What a game.  I thought the Packers were out of it after the first quarter.  The Cards sure were fired up!  But, Aaron Rodgers showed his leadership and composure and led the team into OT.  I just wish it hadn't been a mistake that lost the game for them.  So sad.  But, from here on out, I will be cheering for my adopted team, the Cardinals to go to the Super Bowl.  I hope they can do it....and that the Vikings lose.

The game was also a wonderful opportunity to drink WAY too much.  Many beers and margaritas were consumed and I am certainly feeling it today.  The headache has mostly subsided, but I know I still need to drink more water.  My kitchen was a disaster this morning and it is almost back to normal.  Part of my hangover remedy, was to do a quick run.  I had originally planned for 5 miles today, but that goal went out the window when I started on my 3rd beer.  I woke up this morning thinking I might be able to pound out 2 miles, but once I got going, I was able to do three miles pretty easily.  And, it did make me feel better.  :-)  I <3 running.

I posted this note when I went out to pick up my prescriptions this morning.  I'm going to try to post more Operation Beautiful notes in 2010.  It is a great Resolution!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Etsy success!

Today I sold my first baby hat from my etsy store!  (thanks Bonnie)  It felt really good to actually get paid for doing something that I love to do.  I'm actually working on a couple other hats that I will use as gifts for the lovely pregnant people in my life.

In other news, getting up and getting running this morning was such a challenge.  I was lying in bed, telling Tim that I was SO tired and that I really DIDN'T want to run.  But, then I remembered....'an object in motion....'  So, I got up and threw on my sports bra and some shorts and laced up my shoes.  I headed down to the dungeon (basement) and started plugging away.  Before I knew it, I had gone 4.25 miles!  It flew by!  I was thrilled.  I had 4 miles on the schedule for today, but I was going to be happy with anything over three.  Since I skipped my 2 mile run on Thursday, I was really happy with 4.25.  And, of course, I felt fabulous after the run.  I know that is always the case, so I'm not sure why it is always so hard to get my butt in gear.

Also, 4.25 miles is a personal distance record for the treadmill.  I've only ever run that far outside....when I have more distractions.  It is hard to pound out the miles on a treadmill, even with the TV to keep me occupied.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There are so many days when I just don't feel fit to be a parent.  How is it possible that God has entrusted me with an impressionable child to mold and teach and guide?  I don't know anything about taking care of this little person.  Especially now that he is becoming more independent and opinionated.  I just want to tell him that I know the best way to do things and that he needs to listen to me.  I am doing this for his own good.  Why can't he just understand that?  Why can't God give me the patience to deal with my son?

Ouch!  I just got convicted.  How many times has God tried to tell me the best way to do things and I haven't listened?  How many times have my independence and opinions gotten me in trouble?  How many times have I gotten angry with God and stomped off to do things my way?  How is it possible that God has the patience to deal with me?  And yet, He still loves me and cares for me and looks after me.  Even when I act like a spoiled brat.

Sometimes I hate parenting.  And I hate it even more when I realize things like this.  I'm just going to go and nurse the horrendous guilt I feel for getting frustrated with Jaden.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laws of Motion

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.  An object at rest tends to stay at rest.  Unless acted on by an outside force.  Why is it that my warm cozy bed is such a strong outside force?!? 

I have learned that it is easier for me to stay on a training schedule than it is for me to start a training schedule.  So, even when I don't want to run (especially on the treadmill), I will remember that it will take twice as much energy and motivation to get back in gear if I take more than a day off.

Even though I hate the treadmill, and spring is a long way off, I'll just keep pounding away and try my hardest to increase my mileage so that I can tackle the spring races and run my 1/2 marathon in the fall.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I have wanted to learn how to do yoga for a while.  I just don't think I am that flexible.  So, I started on the Wii.  The trainer lady is so encouraging, even when it is very obvious that my sense of balance is much like that of a drunk elephant.  Jaden loves to watch me do the Wii, but he only likes the aerobic or training games.  He isn't much for the yoga, balance or strength training aspects of it.  I should have guessed that he is only in it for the action.  But, imagine my surprise when I caught him in his own yoga pose.....

Sunday, January 3, 2010


How much do I love football?  I am so thrilled that the Packers demolished the Cardinals today.  It was amazing!  If Charles Woodson doesn't win defensive MVP there is something seriously wrong with the NFL.  I just hope that they can do it again next weekend.  The playoffs are when it really matters.  I am a little bummed that Tim's Giants weren't able to get into the playoffs this year.  But I am appalled that he is cheering for the Vikings instead of joining with me in rooting on the Pack.  How is it possible that he could be such a traitor?

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me.  I'm going to start with 3.5 miles on the treadmill (can't wait to get back outside) and then I have to follow up on my admission to the EMT program at MSTC.  For some reason, I got a letter saying that I need to take a placement test.  I would assume that since Ihave a college degree, the placement test would be waived.  I'm hoping I can get it all settled tomorrow so that I can go to the orientation on Tuesday night.

I also need to do some errands around town since I will be subbing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Kinda excited about that!  I definitely need the money.  Although it is going to throw a wrench in my running schedule.  I've gotten in the habit of running in the morning, and if I have to work that schedule will have to be adjusted.  Sometimes I really hate being such a creature of habit.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

One of my resolutions for 2010 is to become a more consistent blogger.  I have been pretty hit-or-miss in the blogging department, and I want to post here more frequently.  I know that it probably only matters to me, but hey....I matter!

2009 ended with a wonderful wedding celebration for my cousin Dan and his new wife Maggy. 

Maggy is a wonderful addition to our family, not least of all, because she told me I was pretty.  :-)  Dan and Maggy really know how to throw a good party.  There was a lot of dancing, karaoke, Mexican food, family and a balloon drop at midnight. 

It was great to see family members who I don't see nearly often enough.  My cousin Nate's daughter Maya was the flower girl.  She is adorable.

I feel like my cousins are all growing up so fast....which only means that I am getting older, too.

Tim and I did manage to stay awake until the balloon drop, although we both commented that it was the first time we had been awake to ring in the New Year in ages.  I guess maybe I am getting old.

Today, we headed to Madison to get some shopping done at Old Navy, courtesy of gift cards from my wonderful in-laws.  I got 2 pair of jeans, that I desperately needed and Tim got some nice button-down shirts and a couple long sleeves T-shirts.  We still have more gift card money left, but I think I want to save them to use when the spring and summer stuff comes out.

after shopping we headed to the theater to see Avatar.  Tim was so bummed that the IMAX one was sold out, but we stayed and caught the 3D showing on the regular screen.  I will admit to being skeptical about going to see this movie.  I didn't think there was any way that it could possibly live up to the hype.  I even took a little snooze in my chair before the show started.  But, I have to say that I enjoyed it.  The effects were pretty cool, but for the most part, didn't detract from the story.  There were a couple times when I wish they would have developed a particular character or relationship further, but overall, I will give the movie 1 1/2 thumbs up.  Tim wants to see it again; on the IMAX this time, but I have never been one to watch a movie more than once. 

When we were on our way home, we got hit with a huge block of ice that came out of the bed of the pickup truck  in front of us.  It was like watching it in slow motion--I was driving and suddenly there was a 2 foot by 2 foot white thing coming at us.  it hit the windshield in front of where Tim was sitting and made the most terrible noise.  I think we both had a heart attack!  We finally flagged the truck down and we pulled over and called the cops to fill out a report.  I think the driver of the truck was annoyed with us, but we wanted to make sure that all of our i's were dotted, etc.  I am not looking forward to calling my insurance company to report our 3rd accident since May, but I am so grateful that it wasn't worse.  The ice could have come through the windshield and really hurt one of us, it could have further damaged the car, it could have hit another car behind us and injured someone.  I'm so thankful that God was watching out for us.