Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Split-shift training

Today's workout was definitely piece-meal.  I started the day with a 3 mile run on the treadmill.  I tried to stay above my 5K race pace (10 min/mi) and finished the three miles in 29:25.

Jaden accompanied me to the gym this morning where I got in a pretty good weight training session.  I ended my gym time with 10 minutes on the elliptical.  I love lifting weights; it makes me feel stronger, even though my arms are usually jello by the time I leave.  I have noticed that I am able to increase the weight on several machines and today I even increased the incline for my sit-ups.  It was awesome!

I'm experimenting with a new stir fry recipe for dinner tonight.  Wish me luck!

4- year old theology

Jaden just asked me why we have so many crosses in our house.  I told him it was because we loved Jesus and the crosses reminded us that Jesus died on the cross for us so that when we die, we get to go to heaven with him.

His response:  No mom.  God is going to come back and he is going to make the earth into a new earth and we will live here.  And there won't be any bad guys.  And I will be a good boy then and live on the new earth with Jesus.

Can't argue with that.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten Mile Tuesday

Today's 10 mile run was brutal.  It was VERY windy and there were definitely times when I wanted to quit.  It took me forever to finish the 10 miles and all I want to do right now is take a shower and a nap.  Actually, I'd even skip the shower for a longer nap.  Don't judge me.

My splits were horrible due to the wind.
Mile 1:10:16
Mile 2: 10.11
Mile 3: 9:57
Mile 4: 10:22
Mile 5: 10:26
Mile 6: 10:40
Mile 7: 10:24
Mile 8: 11:06
Mile 9: 10:54
Mile 10: 10:33

I'm really bummed that I only had one split under 10 minutes (barely).  I could blame it on my foot.  Around mile 5 or so, I could feel my foot start to bleed.  It happens every once in a while, but it hadn't happened in a long time.  It is always my right foot, and it is always my last two or three toes.

It never really hurts, but I can feel the squishy blood between my toes as I run.  Kinda gross, sorry.

On the schedule for the rest of the day....make some homemade peanut butter ice cream, wash our spring comforter (70 degrees late this week), and do some studying.

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Technology

I am trying to learn more about how this wonderful blogosphere works.  I am reading all sorts of articles and tips and tricks to try to be a better blogger.  This is my attempt at emailing a post from my gmail account to my blog.  I hope it works.

Things that make me happy #5

Crocuses are one of the first signs of spring in Wisconsin.  They are so beautiful when they push up from under the still cold ground.  And I anxiously await their little buds each spring.

It sounds so cliche to talk about spring as a time of renewing and rebirth.  But, I guess it is a cliche for a reason.  Spring is the time when everything comes back to life.  When the harshness of the winter turns into the promise of sunshine and fresh beginnings.

I feel this even more since moving back to Wisconsin from Arizona.  Although I still enjoyed the end of winter in AZ, the differences in the seasons were much less dramatic.  It made the first signs of spring less recognizable, and often I would miss spring entirely and suddenly realize that summer was upon me.

In Wisconsin, there are much more noticeable markers to the seasons: the snow melts, the robins arrive, the sun stays up longer...and the crocuses bloom.

And that makes me happy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alumni Basketball

Today was the first day of the be-annual Colby Boys Alumni basketball tournament.  Strangely, this was the first time I have ever attended.  I took Jaden with me this morning to watch my beloved class of 1996.  They got beat pretty handily by the combined team from 88/89.  It wasn't even close.

Jaden had fun hanging out with Savana.  After watching my team lose, I watched some of my cousin's games. 

Dan graduated in 1997.  I loved seeing his new wife, Maggy.  She is so much fun.

I watched my cousin, Nate (1993) take on my team and they beat us pretty well.  We held tight for a while, but we just couldn't pull out a win.

My cousin Jason (1998) won their first game, but then got upset by the 11 seed.

I didn't go to the consolation games tonight, but I'll go back tomorrow after church to watch some more games.  It was a lot of fun to see people I haven't seen in forever.  And to see some of my friends' parents and catch up on what everyone has been doing the past 14 years.  I can't believe it has been that long.   Is is wrong that I had to check the program frequently because I didn't recognize a lot of the guys?!? 

Basically, watching all that basketball has made me want to lace up my shoes and play again.  I have no ambitions of grandeur, but it would be so much fun to pound around under the hoop.   I miss it.

RIP Brooklyn

Brooklyn is no longer with us.  She was found in the street this morning, presumably hit by a car last night.  The good thing is that it looks like she didn't suffer and that it happened pretty fast.  This tragedy has lead to some interesting questions from Jaden.  Most notably, "When people die, do we put them in the garbage, too?"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Home at last

I have spent too much time away from my family this week.  My life is always pretty crazy with work and school and church responsibilities, but I try to eat dinner at home with Tim and Jaden at least 4 nights a week.  Unfortunately, that didn't come close to happening this week.  Sunday, I had a board meeting at church.  Monday I went straight from work to Bible Study.  Tuesday was work and then class.  Wednesday night I had a meeting in Wisconsn Rapids, which is about an hour and a half from home.  Thursday was another day that I went straight from work to class.  So tonight, I am going to eat dinner with my boys.  And catch up on the DVR with Tim and just try to relax.  It will be nice to be home before dark.  It will be nice to see my boys.  Life is good.


I am very excited that I don't have anything going on after work today.  I am going to come home and eat dinner with my family...for the first time all week.  It is exhausting when I am doing something every night and I don't feel like I get a chance to rest and recharge.  But, I really like my job and I like my EMT class and I love that I am learning more and more how to help people.  

And I really love that Jaden is in the kitchen, eating his breakfast, singing Jesus Loves Me.  Life is good.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remembering not-well

I am still remembering yesterday's 10.5 mile run. Unfortunately, I am remembering it because my foot is hurting. I hope that this isn't going to be a recurring problem. I took time off a week and a half ago because of this same foot pain. And my runs since then have been easy and pain free. But when I woke up this morning, the pain was pretty intense. I kinda limped through the morning and took some anti-inflammatory meds once I got to work. The drugs have kicked in and my foot feels a lot better, although I can still feel the discomfort on the bottom of my right foot. I have already canceled tonight's scheduled 3 mile recovery run. I think not running at all would be better recovery at this point.

I have my EMT class tonight and I hate that I left my workbook at home.  I need to be more organized.  And there might be a quiz.  Yikes!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 miles and an averted disaster

Today I tackled my first ever double digit run!  Bring on the 10 miles!!!  I was so excited, and then immediately bummed when I discovered that my wonderful Garmin didn't start at the same time that I started.  So, I don't have splits for the first 3 miles.  Oh, well.
Here are the stats that I do have:
Mile 1 (actually mile about 4): 10.56
Mile 2:10.02
Mile 3: 10.34
Mile 4: 10.19
Mile 5: 10.10
Mile 6: 9.51 Yeah!
Mile 7: 9.59

When I got home I went to MapMyRun to find out the exact distance and realized that it was actually 10.5 miles! 

I think that running that far must have blocked some of my observation skills.  When I walked in the house, I decided to throw the laundry that was in the washing machine into the dryer before hopping in the shower.  I got it all loaded in and turned it on.  I heard it thumping a little, but figured that it was just unbalanced and it would even out soon.  I went to the back door to let Brooklyn in and then went to let the dogs out of their kennel.  The entire time I kept hearing this thumping.  Then I started to hear a muffled meow.  Suddenly, I realized what the thumping was and ran to the dryer, flung open the door and pulled out a very scared and gasping for air, Nola!

I was so relieved that she was okay.  I shudder to think what would have happened if I had just jumped in the shower right away.

Right now I have some yummy butterscotch bread baking in the oven.  When that is done, I'm going to run to the store for some groceries and some DayQuil for my poor husband.  I need to get some studying done for class tomorrow.

Have a great wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Girl

It is hard being the new girl.  I have been at this job for a couple weeks now, but unlike a typical new job, I know that I have an end date in sight.  So instead of learning everything that there is to know, so as to be able to do the job to the best of my abilities, I am often told "oh, you won't need to do that" or something similar.  I feel like I am taking up space, to a certain extent.  I am eager to learn and I want to do this job very well so that I will be well-remembered (and so that I can use this department for a great reference in my future job hunt....not gonna lie).  But it is hard to be constantly reminded that I am only temporary.  And I get the feeling that some people don't want me here at all.  It is almost as if they would rather not have some things done rather than have some 'stranger' do them.  I'm trying really hard to ask all the right questions and to make sure that I am doing things the way that the provider is used to.  I just hate asking questions and getting the run-around from the rest of the staff. 
Maybe I'm over reacting.  Maybe not.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have a busy Monday ahead of me.  I am working today, followed by 4 quick miles at the gym and then heading to Bible Study.  Our Bible study group is awesome and I love hanging out with them and discussing Scripture and what God is doing in our lives.

Last night I had a Fellowship Operating Board meeting at church.  We discussed a few of the upcoming events at church and what special things we are going to do to celebrate the service that Pastor Gayland gave to the church for the last 13 years.  I also heard that the Board found an interim pastor for when Gayland leaves.  That is exciting.  I hope that he fits into the environment of the church and I can't wait to meet him.

Gotta run for now and get ready for work.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's not real handy....

But I love him anyway.

The painting project took an unexpected detour today when Tim decided to take down one of the cabinets.  He gets on these kicks every now and then.  We can't just paint the kitchen, we have to remodel it at the same time. 

Don't come between a man and his power tools.

My KitchenAid mixer wasn't designed to hold up cabinets that are about to come off the wall.  Although I'm really glad it was there, because the cabinets weren't completely empty.

The cabinet that is sitting on the floor will probably be going back up.  The existing cabinet doesn't have a finished exterior. 

In other news, I really like the Peach Fuzz paint that is up.  We are almost done with the trim and I hope to get started on the walls soon.  It is going to be a pain to paint around everything and have to pull the appliances out, but it will look so nice when it is done.  And then we can have people over. 

There is a bit of pressure on us to get the kitchen done because we are having a bunch of people over for Easter and that is only a few weeks away.

After the craziness of the the kitchen, it was nice to get away for a few hours to Chad & Jessica's for dinner.  We had a great time, great food, great wine and the kids were insane.  But I guess that happens with 3 preschoolers.  Jaden will sleep well tonight.

It was a great time and we definitely need to do it again.

You should see the one that got away.

The last time I sent Jaden to my mom's house for the day, he came home with this fish.  I'm not sure why, and I can pretty much guarantee that I gave my mom a dirty look for sending it home with him.  He always ends up with strange things when he goes to my mom's house, but this one ranks right up here with the strangest.

I should be painting my kitchen right now, but I'm rationalizing by saying that the first coat is drying.  Tim and I still aren't sure what we should do with the cabinets.  I really wish that some painting fairy would just show up at our house and do it for us.  We both dislike painting, so it tends to take us a long time.

Tonight we are having dinner with some friends.  I am really looking forward to it.  There will be a handful of kids running around and I hope they will occupy themselves so that the adults can enjoy some conversation.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to running

I ran this morning!  And my foot felt great.  I'm so excited.  I dropped Jaden off at preschool and decided that even though it was a beautiful day outside, I was going to run downstairs on the treadmill.  That way, if I started to have problems with my foot, I wouldn't be 3 miles from my house.  My intent was to go at a very easy pace for 3 or 4 miles.  The next thing I knew, I had gone 7 miles and felt fantastic.  I probably could have gone longer, but I had to get in the shower and pick Jaden up from school. 

When Tim got off work, I met him at the gym for some strength work.  I have a sore muscle in my back, on the left side that was giving me some trouble during the ab and back work.  I think it is time for a massage.  :-)

Ok, I'm gonna get some dinner started now.  We are having a really yummy corn casserole that I totally snagged from Caitlin's blog.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today was a pretty lack luster day.  I spent about an hour and a half in Clinic-sanctioned injection training today.  Even though I know how to give injections, the clinic needs to be sure that I understand all the appropriate protocol.  Since, I was the only person in the class, it went by pretty quickly.

When I got back to the department, I worked with the other MA who was there today to assist the one provider who was working.  It wasn't a very busy day, but I got some phone calls from patients that kept me on my toes.  Basically, the phone calls never should have been routed to an MA in the first place, but I did my best to get the caller to the correct person, or to get them the info they needed.

I came home to find that Tim had started the painting process in the kitchen.  This is going to be a very long ordeal.  There used to be wallpaper on the walls.  We took the wallpaper down and realized that there was still glue stuck on the walls.  We found a spray that is advertised to loosen the glue so that you can take a putty knife and scrape it off.  Unfortunately, like most things, it doesn't work exactly as advertised.  I had to apply it three times to each section of wall and there are still spots of glue left.  On the up side, I really like the color we picked.

The upper trim in the kitchen will all be this color and the rest of the walls will be a lighter peach color.  We had originally intended to paint the cabinets and cream color, but my mom got me thinking about what a shame it would be to paint real wood cabinets, and now I am undecided.  Help!  What should we do?  Paint them?  Stain them a lighter shade?  I'm just not sure.

Injection Training

So, even though I went to school to be an MA, and I learned to give all different sorts of injections, I am not allowed to administer them in my current job until I go through the Marshfield Clinic's structured injection training.  That is what I will be doing this morning.  I'm scheduled for an hour and a half, but I hope it doesn't take that long.

Foot update:  I had hoped that it would be feeling better today and that I could run this evening.  For some reason, it always hurts the most when I first get out of bed.  Those first steps in the morning are pretty painful and then it gets better as the day continues.  I would really like to run tomorrow....even if it is just a couple miles.  I'm going to cross my fingers.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ultra Marathon Man Review

It has taken me WAY too long to review this book.  Especially since I have been thinking of it every day since I finished it; and that was a couple weeks ago.

I knew that this was the story of Dean Karnazes and his crazy running.  But I had expected it to be a little more of a prideful telling...kinda like "look what I've done."  But I was really surprised in the way Karnazes tells the story.  He is very self-effacing.  He realizes that what he does is completely insane; but he makes you think that you are capable of exactly the same thing.  And somehow, that is a good thing!

He is just a regular guy, with a day job, who decided to go out and run 30 miles one night.  And then he wanted to see how far he could push his body.  And I loved that he was very humble about what he does and somehow he doesn't seem masochistic at all. 

So many people would think that he would have to be an amazing athlete with trainers and physicians and an entire crew at his beck and call.  Instead, he talks about how his accomplishments are the result of shear determination and will power; stubbornness really.

But I think the thing that really endeared him to me was his willingness to market himself to raise money for some great causes.  He has run 199 miles consecutively on several different occasions to raise money for children needing organ transplants.  And then he gets up the next morning and goes to work.  Just like a regular guy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

All because of a sore foot

I was taking the garbage out tonight (usually Tim's job, but he had a wart removed on his foot, so he is hobbling a bit) and I was struck by how amazingly beautiful the sky is this evening.  It is so clear and still and the stars are so bright.  I think it is even more gorgeous because it was cold and foggy all of last week.  But tonight is perfect.  It made me think on how small I am and how big our God is.  Just looking into the vastness of the sky and seeing the endless expanse of sky and stars and knowing that God created that.  And God created me with the same care and detail and precision.

Thank you Lord, for all that you are and all that you've done.  Your works are amazing and I pray that you will cause me to pause and take them in more frequently.  I thank you for all the blessings in my life and for all you have done for me.  And, Lord, I thank you for the things you haven't done in my life, because I know that your will and plan for me are more wonderful and beautiful and great than I could ever think to imagine.

Foot update

My foot still hurts.  It was worse when I woke up this morning than it has been all weekend.  I am really upset.  I have a 4 miler scheduled for after work, and I really didn't want to miss it.  I guess I'll see how today goes and maybe I can do a slow jog for a few miles.  Otherwise, stationary I come.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Ahead

I just realized that once I change the clocks ahead, my 7:00 start time tomorrow is going to feel more like 6:00.  Yikes!

We had a great time having dinner with friends tonight.  it was very laid back and relaxing.  Just talking and watching the kids play.  Loved it.  We definitely need to do things like this more often.  If only we didn't live 30 minutes from most of our friends.  And if we weren't already so busy.  And....and....and....

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  Gotta get some sleep before my EARLY wake up call.

Oh, and my foot still hurts, but I'm really hoping it will feel better in the morning.  That is what I'm praying for.


I had a great time at the baby shower.  I got there early to get my egg bake in the oven and to help get all the food set up.  And I was the 'official' photographer.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  The food was fantastic and Andrea got some great stuff for the baby.

She has the cutest baby bump!!

After the shower, I went for a 4.5 mile run around the neighborhood.  There were some pretty considerable hills....compared to what I usually run.  at one point, I heard my foot crack and it started hurting like crazy.  But I still had to run back to my car, then go grocery shopping, then go to my mom's to pick up Jaden, before I could come home.

I have since iced my foot and I hope that it will be okay.  I would be so disappointed if it was a stress fracture or something like that.  Tomorrow is an off day (I'll probably go to the gym and lift weights), so my foot should have some time to heal before logging a few more miles next week.  I'm crossing my fingers.

Tonight we are heading back to Marshfield to have some dinner with Tom and Diana, friends of ours from church.  We have been trying to schedule a time to get together since December, so I am so excited that it is finally happening.  And she said that they were going to grill some chicken and corn on the cob.  Yum!!  Should be a good time.