Saturday, September 12, 2009

NEDA, day three

It is impossible to try to explain how wonderful the NEDA conference was. I am a little numb from getting so much information and meeting so many wonderful people. One of the highlights was definitely getting to see Diane, my dietitian from my time at Remuda. Knowing that she got to see me healthy and knowing that she is proud of me was entirely worth the trip to Minneapolis. But, there was so much more!!!

As promised, I have pictures of some of the operation beautiful post-it notes. I think the best part was when I was washing my hands in the bathroom on the second day and a woman came up to me and told me to look at the note on the other side of the mirror. :-) It was great to hear women comment on the notes throughout the weekend.

I posted many more, but some of the pictures came out really dark. And, I'm still trying to get the hang of this picture-posting thing.

Anyway, I'm sure that there will be many more NEDA-conference references in future posts.

Once I got home, I realized that the Son is pretty sick. :-( He has a fever and an ear ache. I came in his room to give him a hug and to try to comfort him. He was crying and I could tell he was in some pretty considerable pain. But he is such a trooper. Through his tears and his sobs, he said "don't worry mommy, I'll be ok." Even typing it now makes me want to cry. My poor little man. I hope that he feels better by tomorrow.

As for me, I'm off to unpack and sleep in my own bed.

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