Monday, September 21, 2009

Zoo Run Run

So, I guess I will subscribe to the belief that there is no such thing as a bad race. Yesterday was the Zoo Run Run at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison. The event was so well organized. There were more than 1200 runners; by far the largest race I have been a part of! It was neat to be at the zoo. I checked out some of the animals before the race started: giraffes, rhinocerouses (rhinoceri?) emus, very loud, squaking flamingoes, tapirs, a beautiful, majestic Bengal tiger, and some graceful seals out for their morning swim. It was a great family environment and next year I will take the Son and the Husband to the event. Maybe the Son will even want to run the Roo Run Run.

Suzy Favor Hamilton was part of the event and she gave a little motivational 'speech' before the start of the 10K. After the 10K, the 5K started. This was my first ever timing-chip race. I am definitely going to keep the chip as a reminder.

The weather was perfect; not too cold, not to hot, a little bit of a breeze. The course was beautiful. We ran through the Vilas neighborhood and there were only a couple small hills. One of them was a little bigger than 'small' and my quads started throbbing. At one point, I had to step over a dead chipmunk. Poor thing. But, I made it. I crossed the finish line and saw a very disappointing time, but I remembered that my timing chip would have the accurate time for my race. I still drove home pretty bummed out about it. I really wanted to set a PR for this race, and I didn't think I accomplished that. I was so bummed that I actually didn't want to check out the results on the website, but I did. I ran a 30:12. I was hoping for sub-29; but no race is a bad race, right?

I don't have another race until the first weekend in November. I really want to do some speed training and maybe some hill workouts to increase my chances of success in these races. I like running, but I very infrequently challenge myself in my training. I usually just set out and run on my flat ground at a relatively easy pace. But, NO MORE!!! I am heading to the track tonight to do some speed workouts. And if I'm really motivated, maybe hills later in the week!

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