Sunday, August 30, 2009

feeling better

Last night I got in 4.25 miles on my treadmill. It really felt fantastic! I have really gone full circle when it comes to running. I used to HATE running. Just ask anyone that new me in high school or college. I would find creative ways to skip running at basketball practice. A couple years ago, when I was sick, my brain wanted to run and wanted to like running, but my body was so sick that I could hardly walk. As I started healing my body (and, consequently, my mind), I started to run. And somewhere along that journey, I started to like running. Now I LOVE running. And this love of running has created a new motivation to keep my body healthy, so that I can engage in the activities that I love (not just running).

When I hear the enemy whispering lies in my ear about my body or food or what I look like, I try so hard to focus on the things I love. And sometimes running is the thing that refocuses me on making healthy choices. I thank God that I can run. I thank God that he brought me to a place where I enjoy running. And I thank God for recovery.

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