Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who's ruining who's life?

I knew that when I became a mother, that I would be subjected to the occasional "I hate you" and "I'm not talking to you." I just had no idea that it would start with a three and a half year old. We went to grandma's today to let the dog out and we accidentally left a toy truck behind. On the drive home, I was assaulted with a steady stream of laments from the back seat. I might have taken offense if it hadn't been hilarious! Here is an example:

The Son: My truck is at gamma's! *whimper*
Me: I'm sorry, buddy. We'll have to remember to get it the next time we go over there.
The Son: *sob* But I want it now!
Me: I know, but you have trucks at home you can play with.
The Son: *crying* But, that *sob* is my favorite truck. *almost hyperventilating*
Me: Aw. It's ok. We can find one of your other trucks to be your favorite.
The Son: No. You're making me mad! *cry, sob, hiccup* I'm not *sob* talking to you *sob* anymore!
Me: *giggle*
The Son: Don't laugh at me! *hyperventilating sob* Your making me angry. *deep breath* You're not a good mommy!
Me: *trying hard not to laugh*
The Son: I want my truck and you won't let me have it and that makes me upset and I'm mad at you so I'm not talking to you anymore! *deep breath, sob*
Me: *realized that my son can communicate his feelings quite well*

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