Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things that make me happy

Ambrosia apples. These are fantastic. Everyone is raving about
Honey Crisp apples, but I have found the most wonderful
apple on the face of the earth. I have only eaten them raw, but I think
they would be a freat apple to use in baking. They are huge and juicy and
really crisp. I usually eat at least one a day, but I think I could probably live
off Ambrosia apples. Seriously.
My are is still so sorry from donating blood yesterday. I tried to tell the
lady that my veins tend to roll, but she thought she knew better. She missed the vein when she entered and ended up probing around for about a full
minute before she was finally able to stick the vein. I have a nasty bruise and
it hurts to fully straighten my arm. I hope that the next time goes better.
It is awful to think that I could have done a better job finding my vein than
she did.

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