Friday, October 23, 2009

weather and my hair

It doesn't seem to matter the mood that I wake up in, if the weather is cold and dreary, I am not going to have a good day. And today is one of those days. It rained all day. The roads were bad, and that is saying something. Usually it has to snow before the roads are bad. But with so much water, my car was getting pulled all over. Then, this afternoon, the white stuff started coming down. I hate snow. I know, I live in Wisconsin and I should be used to it. But snow is horrible. I don't hunt or ski or snowmobile. There is no beneficial purpose for snow in my life. I am always cold. I don't like being wet. Winter in Wisconsin is long and dark and COLD!

But, this year, I am going to do everything possible to get through it with as high of spirits as possible. I have some races scheduled for November and December (Nov. 29th , Dec. 5th and Dec. 12th). It will be freezing, but I'm hoping that I can ride the wave of runner's high for a few days after each one. At least until the giddy anticipation of the next race comes.

The Husband bought some full-spectrum light bulbs and put them in strategic places in our house. These are supposed to mimic natural sunlight and 'trick' the brain into feeling better. It alters the circadian rhythms and suppresses the release of melatonin. I hope it works. If nothing else, my bathroom is really bright and makes applying make up a breeze.

I think that the other thing I could do would be to actually style my hair. I have worn it up every day since June (when we went to the Husband's cousin's wedding in NYC). It is exponentially easier and faster to flip my hair up into a clip in the morning than it would be to take the time to blow dry and flat iron it. I know that it is just laziness on my part. But, maybe if I took the time to do my hair, I would feel a little bit better about myself and that would stave off the winter blahs.

What do you think?


Or Down?

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