Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today has been a frustrating day in that I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished.  I have been flitting from one thing to another and I feel very disorganized.  I did manage to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

There would have been more, but I ate a lot of the cookie dough.  I forgot how much I like cookie dough.

I cleaned Tim's new CPAP machine.

It took me forever to get the resevoir to open into two seperate pieces.  I know that Tim showed me how to do it last night, but I forgot and the thing almost drove me insane today.

At some point, there will be a post devoted to this lovely machine.  Tim doesn't like it; I'm hoping that it will help him sleep better.  We'll see.

And, I got some studying done for my EMT class tonight.
There were 3 chapters I had to read.  One of them was a quick anatomy and physiology review.  Loved that.  And another focused on lifting and transferring patients.  I think that is what we will be doing in the skills lab tonight.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I ran 2.75 miles....not too much because I have a 5K on Saturday.  I also have the second load of laundry in the dryer.  And, I went and relocated a feral cat that ended up in my mom's rabbit trap last night.  I guess I'll have to go clean my kitchen since it is still a mess from making the cookies.  And finish studying so that I am prepared for class tonight.   At some point I need to go over to my mom's house and let Kenzie out and pick up her GPS unit for this weekend.

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  1. Eating cookie dough is one of life's great pleasures. Especially chocolate chip cookie dough :)