Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interview recap

This morning I had an interview at the Marshfield clinic for an MA position in the Cardiology department.  It is actually in the Heart Failure Center and it is a brand new position.  I like that if I took the job, I wouldn't be replacing anyone and having to live up to someone else's reputation.  I'm not sure that the job is a perfect fit for me, but I would love to work for the clinic, and this would certainly give me the opportunity to get my foot in the door.  I was really thrilled about the benefits package that the clinic offers.  I can see why it is such a highly respected employer.  There were some fantastic health insurance packages (I would expect that from a clinic), great vacation time, tuition reimbursement, 401(k) and retirement plans.  The pay is a little less that I had hoped for; even after I pass my certification exam.

While I was at the clinic, I posted a couple of Operation Beautiful notes:


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