Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America

For some reason, I feel very strongly that people shouldn't watch the Miss America pageant.  I have no educated reason for saying this, but I believe that there is something wrong about 53 women being paraded around a stage in ridiculous dresses, swim suits and other absurd get-ups.

I realize that the pageant is set up as a scholarship competition for young women, and that is a very noble cause, however I believe that women should be awarded scholarships based on their merit in academics, not because they look cute in a tutu.
I am thrilled that these women often support amazing causes (Kirsten Haglund's platform was eating disorder awareness), but how many young girls are sitting at home hoping and dreaming of being a pageant queen?  How many of these girls will drive themselves crazy trying to attain the perfection that they see on TV?  (and in magazines, but don't get me started on that)

I pray that the parents who are letting their daughters watch the pageant, will be available to watch it with those young girls and to answer questions that those girls have.  Beauty is so much more that what this pageant portrays.

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