Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

One of my resolutions for 2010 is to become a more consistent blogger.  I have been pretty hit-or-miss in the blogging department, and I want to post here more frequently.  I know that it probably only matters to me, but hey....I matter!

2009 ended with a wonderful wedding celebration for my cousin Dan and his new wife Maggy. 

Maggy is a wonderful addition to our family, not least of all, because she told me I was pretty.  :-)  Dan and Maggy really know how to throw a good party.  There was a lot of dancing, karaoke, Mexican food, family and a balloon drop at midnight. 

It was great to see family members who I don't see nearly often enough.  My cousin Nate's daughter Maya was the flower girl.  She is adorable.

I feel like my cousins are all growing up so fast....which only means that I am getting older, too.

Tim and I did manage to stay awake until the balloon drop, although we both commented that it was the first time we had been awake to ring in the New Year in ages.  I guess maybe I am getting old.

Today, we headed to Madison to get some shopping done at Old Navy, courtesy of gift cards from my wonderful in-laws.  I got 2 pair of jeans, that I desperately needed and Tim got some nice button-down shirts and a couple long sleeves T-shirts.  We still have more gift card money left, but I think I want to save them to use when the spring and summer stuff comes out.

after shopping we headed to the theater to see Avatar.  Tim was so bummed that the IMAX one was sold out, but we stayed and caught the 3D showing on the regular screen.  I will admit to being skeptical about going to see this movie.  I didn't think there was any way that it could possibly live up to the hype.  I even took a little snooze in my chair before the show started.  But, I have to say that I enjoyed it.  The effects were pretty cool, but for the most part, didn't detract from the story.  There were a couple times when I wish they would have developed a particular character or relationship further, but overall, I will give the movie 1 1/2 thumbs up.  Tim wants to see it again; on the IMAX this time, but I have never been one to watch a movie more than once. 

When we were on our way home, we got hit with a huge block of ice that came out of the bed of the pickup truck  in front of us.  It was like watching it in slow motion--I was driving and suddenly there was a 2 foot by 2 foot white thing coming at us.  it hit the windshield in front of where Tim was sitting and made the most terrible noise.  I think we both had a heart attack!  We finally flagged the truck down and we pulled over and called the cops to fill out a report.  I think the driver of the truck was annoyed with us, but we wanted to make sure that all of our i's were dotted, etc.  I am not looking forward to calling my insurance company to report our 3rd accident since May, but I am so grateful that it wasn't worse.  The ice could have come through the windshield and really hurt one of us, it could have further damaged the car, it could have hit another car behind us and injured someone.  I'm so thankful that God was watching out for us.

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