Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today was a crazy day of subbing in Middle School PE.  These kids have so much energy and it was tough to keep up with them.  I also had one section of 5th grade health.  Not surprisingly, I really enjoyed that.  The last two periods of the day were 5th and 6th grade PE.  They are currently doing a unit of tumbling.  I haven't done a cartwheel in years, and I didn't do one today.  And, it wouldn't have mattered if world peace depended on my ability to do a headstand, my body does not move that way.  Strangly, I had two kids who are children of people who I went to high school with.  That was a little bizarre.  But, I can always threaten to call their mothers if they act out.

In better news, I have an interview tomorrow.  I am excited and nervous and anxious.  Mostly because I want to be sure that I have enough time to get to the clinic, find a parking spot and get to human resources after dropping Jaden off at preschool.  The interview is in the Cardiology department of Marshfield clinic.  I think I could like cardiology.  Probably a lot of EKGs, Holter monitors, stress tests and things like that.  I am crossing my fingers that I represent myself well, and praying that if this is where God wants me to be, that He will make that clear.

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