Friday, February 26, 2010

Another sub job

Today I subbed at the high school in the resource room.  I actually only had 2 'classes' and the rest of the time I basically acted as a resource to some of the special ed kids.  However, since I was the sub in the room, and there were three other teachers who the kids were familiar with, I didn't do much 'resourcing.'  But, I managed to read an entire magazine, and get through a chapter of my EMT homework.

When I came home over my lunch break, I checked my email to find more news about the NEW JOB that I got!!  I am so excited to actually be working as an MA.  I still have some logistical hoops to jump through, but it looks like I could be starting as early as next week.  Monday I have to go in to the clinic to get my TB shot and do a drug screen.  I also have to fill out some pre-employment forms online. 

I'll be working in Occupational Health at the Marshfield Clinic, but I will technically be an employee of the temp agency who hired me.  The job is temporary...only until sometime in June due to the regular MA going on maternity leave.

I definitely need to get some new scrubs.  I don't want to have to wear my hunter green ones.  I'm so sick of those after wearing them every day for my externship.

After subbing today, I headed to the gym to meet Tim and I did a really quick workout before I picked Jaden up from daycare.  I have been having some pain and popping in my right shoulder, so I skipped anything that exacerbated that condition.  And since my knees have been bothering me the past few days, I didn't do anything that required extending my knee.  It didn't leave me with much, which was okay because I needed to get Jaden and get home. 

I was home for about an hour before I headed down to Marshfield to work an overnight shift with my 3 old grandmas.  I'll be here until late afternoon tomorrow, then I'll run home, make a quick dinner and get 4 miles in. 

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