Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love my kid

I had a five mile run this morning.  I tried to do some of the stretches that my massage artist suggested to me last night.  I quickly came to realized that my body does not bend in the ways that yoga requires.  So, I tried to adapt them and find different ways to really stretch my upper rectus femoris.  The result was slightly less knee pain (but not gone completely).  I still iced after my run and tomorrow is an off day, so I hope my knees will feel better by Saturday evening when I have 4 miles scheduled.

Here are my recent interactions with Jaden:

Jaden: Mom, I love you and I like you.
Me: I love you and I like you, too.
Jaden: Is it because I'm cute and 4 years old?

Jaden: Mom, lets have a biiiiiiiig hug and a kiss.
(hug and kiss)
Jaden: That kiss wasn't a biiiiiiig kiss.  Let's start over.
(hug and kiss)
Jaden: MOM, that kiss wasn't big enough.  Let's start over.
(hug and kiss)
Jaden:  MO-OM, we need to do a biiiiiggggggeeeeerrrrr kiss.  Let's just do the kiss.
(big kiss)
Jaden:  Good job, mom.

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