Monday, February 22, 2010

No more Peanut Butter

I have decided that I have to purge my house of peanut butter.  Today, I enjoyed an apple with some almond butter.  Then I proceeded to use a spoon to finish the jar of almond butter while I caught up on some emails.  This is a situation that repeats itself many times a week in my house.  I love peanut butter and it's many derivatives.  It is sweet and creamy and wonderfully tasty.  But, I seem to have no will power when it comes to nut butters.  So, today I took the two jars that I had in the pantry and tossed them in the trash.  The biggest problem was that I couldn't even toss them out without first having a huge spoonful of each.  I've saved one jar so that I can make Jaden his peanut butter sandwiches on Wednesdays when he goes to school.  If I find myself dipping into that, I might have to toss it too.  There is nothing worse that finishing a great run and feeling fantastic and then 30 minutes later, feeling disgusting because you have just stuffed your gut with a very high fat and dense glob of peanut butter.

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