Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seroogy's Race Recap

It was cold!  My cousin, Jason, and I ran a very frigid 5K this morning in De Pere.  Seroogy's Chocolates sponsored the race (will run for chocolate....even in 17 degrees)!  There were well over 1000 runners and I was surprised how many of them were doing the 15K run.  When we got to the turn where the 15Kers deviated from the 5Kers, it seemed like at least half of the runners went left.  Jason said the percentage was even higher when he got to the turn.

The race started at 8:00, which is just way too early for a February race in Wisconsin.  It was freezing.  Jason commented that it was the coldest port-a-potty experience he ever had.  :-)  I used the ones in the warming station, even though the line was over 15 minutes long and I almost missed the start of the race.

I wish that the race organizers would have made an announcement to the walkers that they should start at the back and let the runners go first.  I spent the first half mile dodging a bunch of gabbing ladies walking.  The course itself, was great.  There was only one hill, but it was a killer; just before the two mile marker.  And there was one part where we were running through a park and there were no trees or buildings to block the wind.  And it was WINDY!!  There were a lot of runners through that point of the race who were hooting and hollering at the wind.  I think we had to do something to make us forget that we actually PAID for the chance to run through this weather.

The other funny part of this race was the volunteers at the water station.  As we approached the station, they were yelling at us: "no water at the water station, it froze!"  I couldn't believe it.  We all laughed our way through that--I think the humor of the situation is the only thing that got me up that hill.

Somehow, I missed the sign for the 2-mile point.  After the race, Jason told me that it was painted on the ground.  I didn't have a good idea of how far I had run and then I started hearing the commotion of the finish line.  I pushed it into high gear and gave it everything I had.  It was great hearing Jason and Anne cheer me through as I finished.  The race organizers also had a chip reading strip across the pavement about 25 yards before the finish line.  When you ran over it, you name flashed to the announcer's laptop and they announced everyone's name as the came toward the finish line.  I saw the clock time at about 30:45, but I am still waiting for the chip times to be posted.  I felt pretty drained at the end of the race, but looking back on it, I know that I still had more that I could have given.  I hate that feeling.  I want to know that I left everything out there.  But I guess that will just have to be motivation for my next race.


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