Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Tim and I went to the gym this afternoon when he got done with work.  I'm SO excited that my husband is working out with me.  And I am pretty sure he likes it!  He says that it makes him feel alive.  My response: "I told you so!"  While we were on the bikes today, I broke the news to him that I wanted to run a marathon.  I think I had made the decision in my head a few weeks ago.  I've been putting the finishing touches on my training plan and working with my (wonderful) sister-in-law to make sure that it will adequately prepare me for the race.  But I hadn't shared this idea with Tim, or with any of the people locally who I usually talk 'running' with.  I expected Tim to be a little shocked; annoyed maybe that I would be spending more time running and less time at home.  Instead, he said, 'I figured.'  :-)  I guess he knows me pretty well.  Although he did laugh a little when I told him I wanted a tattoo after I finished the race.  I haven't really thought much about the design, but maybe something that I can add to if I do additional marathons.

I had a great 7 mile run this morning.  I can't wait for an 8-miler.  Next week, my long run is another 7 mile. 

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