Saturday, March 6, 2010

Race recap

The Point Bock Run is awesome!!!  I had such a great time with Liz and Becky.  We even got our picture taken with the mascot.

The race was really well organized, except for the water afterwards.  When there are 2000 runners trying to get water off only one table, it leads to a lot of frustration.  However, I will over look that because the rest of the day was fantastic.  I saw my cousin, Jason before and after the race, but I somehow missed him at the turnaround.  He had a great time though and I am really proud of him.  The start was super congested, as is expected with 2000 runners and a narrow start.  But, everything went off without a hitch.  It was my first race with my lovely Garmin.

It was so great to be able to pace myself.  I was able to realize that I started out too fast (I had a pace of 8:37 at the 1.5 mile mark) and I put on the brakes.  I honestly felt like I was slowing myself down for the first half of the race, but I wanted to be sure that I had enough left for the entire 5 miles.
I love that Garmin lets you check your pacing when you get home and hook up to the computer.

I had plenty of energy for the entire race.  I even cheered the front runners when I saw them coming back.  That is the one redeeming feature of an out-and-back course.  I love seeing the amazing runners.
Liz and Becky passed me at about the 3 mile point.  I was dragging a little at that point, but I started to get a 2nd wind and I caught Becky with just under a mile to go.  I never did catch up to Liz.  That girl has a wicked kick!!
But I am totally stoked with my time.
I have never averaged a 9:24 pace.  And this was for 5 miles!  It felt great.

Mile 1: 9:18
Mile 2: 9.38
Mile 3: 9:42
Mile 4: 9:43
Mile 5: 8:55

After the race, I waited for what seemed like forever to get some water; then Jason took me to the food.  I was famished.  I ate an entire bagel that had walnuts and pineapple and something else.  It was great.  I also had a banana and an apple.  I don't have pictures because my camera was in the car and I wasn't going to wait that long to eat.  :-)  (I also had a piece of banana bread before the race)

Once we got back to Marshfield, I hopped in Liz's shower to clean up before going to work.  She gave me half a chia seed cookie that was great.  While on my way to work, I stopped for a cappuccino.  Once I got there, I had another piece of banana bread, some yummy dried mango (ok, a lot of yummy dried mango) and this lovely piece of chocolate.

Now I am going to make some banana ice cream with peanut butter and probably some dried berries.  I may not photograph it....because I just told you.  :-)

And I'm going to curl up and watch last Thursday's Survivor with my wonderful husband...who is currently folding laundry.  How much do I love him?

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