Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 miles and an averted disaster

Today I tackled my first ever double digit run!  Bring on the 10 miles!!!  I was so excited, and then immediately bummed when I discovered that my wonderful Garmin didn't start at the same time that I started.  So, I don't have splits for the first 3 miles.  Oh, well.
Here are the stats that I do have:
Mile 1 (actually mile about 4): 10.56
Mile 2:10.02
Mile 3: 10.34
Mile 4: 10.19
Mile 5: 10.10
Mile 6: 9.51 Yeah!
Mile 7: 9.59

When I got home I went to MapMyRun to find out the exact distance and realized that it was actually 10.5 miles! 

I think that running that far must have blocked some of my observation skills.  When I walked in the house, I decided to throw the laundry that was in the washing machine into the dryer before hopping in the shower.  I got it all loaded in and turned it on.  I heard it thumping a little, but figured that it was just unbalanced and it would even out soon.  I went to the back door to let Brooklyn in and then went to let the dogs out of their kennel.  The entire time I kept hearing this thumping.  Then I started to hear a muffled meow.  Suddenly, I realized what the thumping was and ran to the dryer, flung open the door and pulled out a very scared and gasping for air, Nola!

I was so relieved that she was okay.  I shudder to think what would have happened if I had just jumped in the shower right away.

Right now I have some yummy butterscotch bread baking in the oven.  When that is done, I'm going to run to the store for some groceries and some DayQuil for my poor husband.  I need to get some studying done for class tomorrow.

Have a great wednesday!!

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