Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today was a pretty lack luster day.  I spent about an hour and a half in Clinic-sanctioned injection training today.  Even though I know how to give injections, the clinic needs to be sure that I understand all the appropriate protocol.  Since, I was the only person in the class, it went by pretty quickly.

When I got back to the department, I worked with the other MA who was there today to assist the one provider who was working.  It wasn't a very busy day, but I got some phone calls from patients that kept me on my toes.  Basically, the phone calls never should have been routed to an MA in the first place, but I did my best to get the caller to the correct person, or to get them the info they needed.

I came home to find that Tim had started the painting process in the kitchen.  This is going to be a very long ordeal.  There used to be wallpaper on the walls.  We took the wallpaper down and realized that there was still glue stuck on the walls.  We found a spray that is advertised to loosen the glue so that you can take a putty knife and scrape it off.  Unfortunately, like most things, it doesn't work exactly as advertised.  I had to apply it three times to each section of wall and there are still spots of glue left.  On the up side, I really like the color we picked.

The upper trim in the kitchen will all be this color and the rest of the walls will be a lighter peach color.  We had originally intended to paint the cabinets and cream color, but my mom got me thinking about what a shame it would be to paint real wood cabinets, and now I am undecided.  Help!  What should we do?  Paint them?  Stain them a lighter shade?  I'm just not sure.

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