Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hunger pangs

Running 9 miles makes me sleepy and hungry.  And I was both all day long.  I tried to take a short nap this afternoon before Tim picked Jaden up from daycare.  It didn't really happen.

All night at my EMT class I was fighting to stay awake.  And it wasn't a good night to be off my game.  We were testing out on two stations.  The first one I did was the CombiTube.  I failed the first time because I didn't insert the tube deep enough into the esophagus.  I hate failing.

The second station was a cardiac/AED situation.  I passed, but only barely.  I was very scatterbrained and not thinking clearly.  I was so glad it was a mannequin and not an actual patient. 

Then I went back to the CombiTube station again.  This time I was much calmer and everything just fell into place.  I felt very confident and I passed with flying colors!!

Even though Tim and I had a very good dinner of pork chops and spanish rice, I was still starving at school.  I took the rest of my dried mango slices and finished those and then I headed to the vending machine and found a granola bar that satisfied my chocolate cravings.

I have never seen these before, but they are SO good.  It is definitely something that I would eat again.

Tomorrow I have to get some fasting labs drawn.  I am not looking forward to starting my day without my coffee.  :-(

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