Friday, March 5, 2010

The end of a busy day

Today was crazy-busy.  It was my first day in Occupational Health, but I spent most of the day in computer training.  It was individual, so just me and the trainer.  She was really nice and great to work with, but we were in this small, dark room with no windows.  I felt like I was in a cave and struggled to stay awake most of the day.  We took a small break in the morning and I ate my banana.

After some more training, I took a break and went to my main work area and met the other medical assistant and one of the providers.  I also snagged a piece of the cheese danish my coworker brought in and a cup of coffee.

I tried to get the lay of the land, but before I knew it, it was back to the cave for more training.  Lunch couldn't come soon enough.  I grabbed my lunch and sat down to catch up on some personal emails.
Lunch looks small because I wasn't sure what the food-storage situation would be at work.

Carrots and roasted red pepper hummus.

And an apple.
Then....more training.
We broke around 3:00 and I went back to the department and checked in few patients and tried to learn how the docs do things.  Every provider is different and you always have to find out exactly the way each one wants things done.
While I was doing that, I snacked on my Kashi Heart to Heart Cinnamon.  I love this stuff!

There was a little more training and then I was finally done for the day.  Whew!
I headed to Walmart to do some shopping and picked up one of my favorite Easter snacks.

There is nothing nutritionally redemptive about these suckers, but when I was in my eating disorder, I wouldn't let myself have them.  I am not going to make that mistake again!
Tonight we were having dinner at our friends' house.  There were 4 couples and a bunch of kids.  Demarie made yummy chicken taco things.  They were great.  And there were chips and salsa too.  Really good salsa, with lots of cilantro.

I had another plate about the same size.  I was hungry from a very small lunch.

These were great peanut butter cookies.  They were so good that I may or may not have had several more.  I'll just call it carb loading for tomorrow's race.
Of course there was more than just food.  There were friends!  And we had a blast!
It was especially nice to hang out with Kevin and Bonnie because I don't know them very well. 
Ok, that was the longest post ever.  Gotta get my stuff ready for tomorrow's race.  I am REALLY excited!!!

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