Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bed time nightmare

Some nights Jaden goes to bed without too much fuss or fanfare.  Then there are other nights.  Tonight was one of those other nights.  I went downstairs to run 4 miles after dinner and Tim was going to put Jaden to bed so that I could ice my knees.  I finished my run and came upstairs to find Jaden in tears saying that he wanted mommy to put him to bed.  Ok, I'll just ice my knees while reading him his books.  Then, in one of his not-so-adorable moments, he tells me that he loves daddy more than me.  Nice.

So, I get his teeth brushed and pajamas on and we read two books and the light goes off.  I only lay with him for a few minutes because the bags of ice on my knees are starting to leak and I don't want to get water all over his bed.

For a while, everything is fine.  Then, just when Tim and I are sitting down to watch a TiVo'd episode of 24, Jaden starts crying.  I wait him out for a see if it is real, or if he will get over it on his own.  (don't judge me)  Finally, I go into his room to see how he's doing.  He says that he wants me to lay with him.  I sat with him for a few minutes and we prayed that God would be with him and that he wouldn't be afraid. 

I leave and a few minutes later we hear him singing the alphabet. 

Then, the hysterical crying begins.  At this point, I can't go back in because I have told him that I'm not coming back and that he needs to go to sleep.  Tim tries reasoning with him (he's 4, so that doesn't work).  And then the funniest thing happens.  I get out of the bathroom, and he isn't crying anymore.  Tim went in and pretty much laid down the law (in a loud voice) and then walked out.  And it was quiet.  And we finished watching 24.

I'm hoping for no fuss or fanfare for the rest of the week.

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