Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's not real handy....

But I love him anyway.

The painting project took an unexpected detour today when Tim decided to take down one of the cabinets.  He gets on these kicks every now and then.  We can't just paint the kitchen, we have to remodel it at the same time. 

Don't come between a man and his power tools.

My KitchenAid mixer wasn't designed to hold up cabinets that are about to come off the wall.  Although I'm really glad it was there, because the cabinets weren't completely empty.

The cabinet that is sitting on the floor will probably be going back up.  The existing cabinet doesn't have a finished exterior. 

In other news, I really like the Peach Fuzz paint that is up.  We are almost done with the trim and I hope to get started on the walls soon.  It is going to be a pain to paint around everything and have to pull the appliances out, but it will look so nice when it is done.  And then we can have people over. 

There is a bit of pressure on us to get the kitchen done because we are having a bunch of people over for Easter and that is only a few weeks away.

After the craziness of the the kitchen, it was nice to get away for a few hours to Chad & Jessica's for dinner.  We had a great time, great food, great wine and the kids were insane.  But I guess that happens with 3 preschoolers.  Jaden will sleep well tonight.

It was a great time and we definitely need to do it again.

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