Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Girl

It is hard being the new girl.  I have been at this job for a couple weeks now, but unlike a typical new job, I know that I have an end date in sight.  So instead of learning everything that there is to know, so as to be able to do the job to the best of my abilities, I am often told "oh, you won't need to do that" or something similar.  I feel like I am taking up space, to a certain extent.  I am eager to learn and I want to do this job very well so that I will be well-remembered (and so that I can use this department for a great reference in my future job hunt....not gonna lie).  But it is hard to be constantly reminded that I am only temporary.  And I get the feeling that some people don't want me here at all.  It is almost as if they would rather not have some things done rather than have some 'stranger' do them.  I'm trying really hard to ask all the right questions and to make sure that I am doing things the way that the provider is used to.  I just hate asking questions and getting the run-around from the rest of the staff. 
Maybe I'm over reacting.  Maybe not.

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