Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I get to go to work tomorrow

So, I have finally got a start date for the temporary job....TOMORROW!!!
I am excited and a little nervous.  Although tomorrow is just an orientation to the Marshfield clinic system.  I imagine I'll be sitting in a conference room or computer station for most of the day.  And I'll go straight from work in Wausau (that is where the training is) to class in Marshfield.  I'm hoping to get at least 3 miles in at SNAP before heading to class.  *crossing fingers*

I celebrated my new job with an adult beverage with dinner.

These are soooo good!

Tim went a little crazy on Woot! a few days ago and ordered Jaden a castle.  Jaden has loved watching Tim play Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox, so naturally we needed to have more plastic toys lying around for the dogs to get.

I will admit that I got a little excited when I saw the catapult!  Let's just hope the dogs don't eat all the pieces.  They have a history with most of Jaden's toys.

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  1. Heather ... I LOVE that you read my blog!

    Yes...multi-tasking is a gift!!!! A spiritual gift ~ maybe????

    I can't wait to follow your blog. Inspire me to run more...I've fallen of track. (I don't like it like I hoped I would)

    Much love...have a good night!