Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another coat of paint

We are the world's slowest painters.  I started taping off the back wall next to the fireplace on Friday night.  I taped the other side after church this afternoon.  Then I decided to start painting while Tim and Jaden were out mowing the lawn.  It is such a pain to paint around all the shelves.  It was a pain to tape around them too, but the painting was awful.  I only got one coat on and I will try to get the second coat done tomorrow.  I don't have to work, so I'm hoping that Jaden will cooperate and let me finish it.

In the photo, you can also see that the top of the mantle got painted.  Tim did that and I really like the lighter color (as opposed to the dark wood that it was before).

I also wanted to share that the strawberry plants that I put in a few weeks ago; that I was sure were going to die immediately, now have flowers on them!!

I think I'm supposed to pull the flowers off so that they spread for next year, but I am going to leave them and hope that I actually get some berries this year.

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