Monday, May 24, 2010

Will run for money

I am really bumming about money right now.  I know that I am going to be unemployed in a few short weeks....unless God decides to open the door to the perfect job.  I'm concerned about how we are going to handle our bills and where we will get the money for our trip to NY in October.  But, honestly, I'm also wondering where I'll get the money for the races I want to do this year.  Running is a very easy activity to do...just you and the road.  But when you start putting your heart and soul (sole?) into some races, the costs can add up quickly.

Here are my upcoming races (*) and also the ones I'm really hoping to run (?)

Madison half marathon(*):  $65
Bellin 10K (*):  $17 (me) $7 (Jaden)
Auburndale Boogaloo 5K (?): $13
TC (Twin Cities) half marathon(?):  $55
Colby Cheese Days 5K (*):  $15 (each-Me and Tim)
Madison Mini-marathon (?): $50
Fox Cities Marathon(*): $70 (me) $8 (Jaden)
Staten Island Half Marathon (*): $??
Madison Mud Run (?): $28
Noodleini (?): $23

I'm sure I will find a few more races that I will want to run.  I always do.  I usually have to pick races that will fit into my schedule.  And I'm really hoping that Tim will want to do another race or more.  And I KNOW that Jaden will want to do some more runs. 

So, who wants to sponsor me?  I'll gladly deck myself out in whatever corporate paraphernalia you have.  Just call me a running billboard.  And since I'm slow, lots of people will see it!

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