Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thirteen miles

Yikes!  I never thought that I would ever run 13 miles.   Last year, I was ecstatic to be able to run three miles.  But today I accomplished another personal distance record.  If you're interested in how my other double digit runs have gone, here are the recaps
10 miles
11 miles
12 miles

Today's run was a challenge.  It was COLD!

And windy.  And I actually got sleeted on while running.  God and I had a talk about that.  Mostly it was me yelling, and God listening quietly.

Regardless of the cold and wind and sleet, I came home a sweaty mess.  I am envious of those women who perspire.  You know, the ones who cross the finish line of a race with a little sheen on their forehead and that is about it.  I don't perspire.  I sweat.  A lot.  Just to appease my own curiosity, I decided to see how sweaty I was after today's run.  Well, I was actually able to squeeze sweat out of my sports bra.  And not just a drop or two; I got a steady stream.  I know that this is way over the edge of too much information, but I was (in a weird way) really proud of that.  But it also told me that I needed fluids fast.  I've been trying to drink as much water as possible since I got home.

Unfortunately, I also noticed a recurring problem that crept up again today.

I still haven't figured out why this happens.  I know that my toenails are cut short enough.  Also, it only happens on my right foot.  Other strange things about my right foot:  it is the only foot that gets blisters, and it is the only foot that experiences arch pain.  Not sure why that is.  My right knee tends to hurt more than my left, but my hips get equally tight and stiff.

I tried a new form of fuel today.

I understand why they call this espresso LOVE.  I loved it!  So yummy.  And one of the benefits of running when the weather is cooler, is that the GU doesn't get as runny.  I liked it today with a bit of a thicker texture.  I took the GU between mile 7 and 8 and then chased it with a bottle of water that I had stashed along my route.

Here are my splits.  I wasn't focusing on anything today other than getting in 13 miles.  I hardly ever even looked at my Garmin, because I knew that I just had to keep going.
Mile 1:  10:09
Mile 2:  10:28
Mile 3:  10:21
Mile 4:  10:44
Mile 5:  10:30
Mile 6:  10:47
Mile 7:  10:24
Mile 8:  10:09
Mile 9:  10:37
Mile 10:  10:21
Mile 11:  10:13
Mile 12:  10:05
Mile 13:  10:30
Total: 2:15:18 average pace: 10:24/mile.
My goal for the half marathon in a few weeks is 2:15.  I have a little ways to go.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with those splits.  I wasn't trying to run hard, but I like that I was pretty consistent.

On my graph, you can see the two times I had to stop and stretch my hips.  I probably should have stopped a few more times, but after running up a hill, they were especially tight.

I'm going to keep drinking lots of water the rest of the afternoon.  I also have to finish up some desserts for our church bake sale tomorrow.  I hope I have enough eggs....

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