Wednesday, May 26, 2010

EMS call

I went on my second EMS call in Colby tonight.  Obviously, I can't give any details, but I can say that I am learning more all the time and that the Colby EMT's are a good group of people.  I even got an offer for sponsorship for my running.  Of course, it was from a meat processing plant, and I'm a vegetarian; so that won't work.  :-)

I was really excited that the pager went off and I was able to go on the call.  It is frustrating to hear the call and not be able to go.  I've even stopped turning on the pager if I know I won't be able to go, because I will just be disappointed.  So, tonight was great.  I was able to finish dinner with my family and be home in time for dessert and some TV with Tim.

I got some great encouragement from the EMTs for my upcoming registry exam this weekend.  I am still going back and forth on what I should be more nervous about: my NREMT test or my half marathon.  I think I'm even nervous about being able to properly fuel while I'm stuck at the testing site all day Saturday.  And I'm hoping that Tim gets done with work early enough to meet me after my test to go down to Madison.

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