Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I never said to my mother

Jaden has said a few things in the past week or so that really got me thinking about the effect of technology on the next generation.  When my sister and I were growing up, we weren't in the type of household that stayed up to date on the latest gadgets and gizmos.  We (eventually) got a Nintendo; but I never did get to save the Princess.
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 I've never been very good at video games.
But I think that Jaden will be.  He really enjoys playing Lego Indiana Jones with Tim on the XBox.
So, I really shouldn't be surprised when I hear these phrases come out of his mouth.  It is just the signs of a new generation.
"Your cell phone is ringing, but not like a phone call; like a text message." 
"You're updating your ipod."  ( I still don't think my mom knows what an ipod is.)
"Mom, I have to wait, the game is loading."
"My mom has a new Garmin watch so she knows what time it is when she is running her race."  (I don't know how to explain to him that the Garmin will tell me everything except what time it is.)
I think I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to stay ahead of Jaden's technological advances.  I'll probably fail and there will be an updated version of me teaching my mom how to program the VCR in my near future.

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