Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Runner's High

I will admit to stealing this from someone else, but it is just so good.

It's no longer sport, no longer just a game.
It has become a way of life.
Every breath is a stride, every heartbeat a string of silence.
It is a compulsion from deep within.
It is a passion for glory.
To go through the torment.
To last through the waiting.
To gain that one moment, alone with myself.
And only the few, who chance to strive, can know the experience.
To hear nothing but breath.
To feel nothing but heartbeat.
To feel so much like hell, running so close to heaven.
This is the Runners' High.
This is the feeling I live for.
This is the goal I strive toward.
If my chance disappears, part of my life would end.

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