Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tim's new shoes

Yesterday we went back to Fleet Feet shoes to get Tim fitted for some running shoes.  We had help from Julie, who did a great job.  I also got to talk with her about running the 20K, since she had run the race as well.  (And she agreed that there should have been more water stations.)  I tried not to hover and just let Julie and Tim do what they needed to do.  I think Tim tried on four pairs of shoes, ran a few laps on the sidewalk outside the store and finally decided on a pair that he thought would work for him.

After we finished at the running store, I was famished.  We went to Maharaja, an Indian restaurant in Madison.

I thought the food was fantastic!  And I could have eaten the Garlic Naan forever! 

I love spicy food!  It was a great choice for our anniversary dinner.

We decided to skip the movie because we didn't want to feel rushed at the shoe fitting or at dinner.  So when we finished eating, we went to the mall to pick up some cards for upcoming birthdays and to look around and window shop.  Then, time for ice cream.  There is always room for ice cream.  This time it was Cold Stone ice cream and it was great!

This morning, Tim decided to try out his new shoes at the gym in the hotel.

He looks good, right?  I think it is hilarious that we both ended up with the same style of Brooks running shoes.  (But why were his cheaper than mine?   hmmm.....)

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