Saturday, May 29, 2010


The practical portion of my EMT National Registry Exam is now in the books!  I am so excited.  The tension was almost unbearable this morning.  There were about 45 people sitting in the lobby of Midstate Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids, anxiously awaiting their number being called so that they could go to one of the six different stations that were set up around the campus.  I felt like the process took forever.  I prayed before going into each station that God would give me confidence and a sense of calm about the section I was going to test on.  After each station I felt that I did well.  I never felt that I had missed something or did anything wrong, but it still didn't alleviate any of the nerves I was feeling.  I was a sweaty, nervous wreck.  But, it is behind me now and the next step in the process is to take the written exam.  I am hoping to do it in mid-June, but I will need to check my work schedule to see if there is a day that works for me to take off.

After the test, I met Tim in Marshfield and we headed down to Madison.  I was really looking forward to the expo for the Madison Marathon.  It is my first ever half marathon and my first real expo.  There were a lot of people, a lot of vendors, and a lot of great products.  I could have spent several hours and many hundreds of dollars, but I managed to restrain myself.  I wanted to get some cool shirts, but the prices were a little steep.  I ended up getting some GUs and a couple Bondi Bands.  I've heard good things about them, and they are so much cuter than the bandanas I usually wear.

Now we are at my aunt's house about to have dinner.  I am hoping to eat and relax tonight.  I'm really excited about tomorrow and I can't wait to run my first half marathon.

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