Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My legs hurt

My legs are really sore this morning.  And not in the 'I-got-a-really-good-workout-and-feel-great' way; but in a 'I-have-done-too-much-without-enough-rest' kind of way.  After my 6.4 miles yesterday, I went to the gym for a quick weight lifting session.  It was very speedy, but I worked my legs and they are really stiff and sore.  I felt horrible on my hike from the parking lot into work this morning.  I am so excited that today is a rest day and that I only have short runs scheduled for the next week and a half leading up to my half marathon.  I don't think that I will again make the mistake of lifting weights when my legs are already so tired.  Lesson learned.
I am really looking forward to dinner tonight.  I am going to make a seitan stir fry.  I've never had seitan before, but I've seen some interesting looking recipes with it and it seems to be the perfect choice for a vegetarian stir fry.  I'll let you know how it turns out...and how my carnivorous husband feels about it.
Happy hump day!

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