Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am going to share something with you that has never happened to me before.  I can't decide what to worry about more.

I have my National Registry exam on May 29th.  This is the practical exam culminating everything I have learned in my EMT class.  There are 6 different stations where I will have to demonstrate competency in everything ranging from splinting a shoulder to treating a trauma patient.  It will be me and the evaluator and my bundle of nerves.

The next day, on May 30th, is my half marathon in Madison.  I feel like I have been working so hard leading up to this race.  It is definitely my 'A' race (as if I am that good) for the spring.  I'm trying to think ahead to make sure that I remember to take along everything that I will need: the right shoes, fully loaded ipod, GU, sunscreen, correct running attire (depending on the weather), etc.  I am excited to finally complete a half marathon, but I also have a goal of doing it in under 2:15.

Then there is the logistics of the entire weekend.  I have to find my way to the evaluation site in Wisconsin Rapids on Saturday morning.  I have to make sure that I bring enough food with me to get me through the day and also to load up on carbs so that I will have energy for the race.  Tim has to meet me in Wisconsin Rapids when he gets done with work so that we can drive to Madison.  We have to stop at the race expo so that I can pick up my packet and check out the expo.  Then we will head to my aunt's house for a fantastic dinner and hope that she isn't mad at me for announcing my vegetarianism and potentially putting a damper on her dinner plans.  I am hoping that I can get enough sleep Saturday night so that I can wake up rested and ready on race day.   I need to plan out where we are going to park before the race and where Tim and Sharon should plan to stage along the race course to get pictures and give me encouragement and water.

So, you can see my dilemma.  When I think about my National Registry Exam I start to get nervous about whether I will be properly prepared.  But, then I remember that my half marathon is the next day and then I start to get nervous about that.

When I think about the half marathon, I worry that I will be properly rested and fueled.  But, then I remember that my National Registry Exam is the day before and I get nervous about that.

What is a girl to do?  This morning I found myself reciting my trauma assessment sheet in the shower!

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