Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's run

I don't know what that craziness is at the end.  I didn't count that.  I think I accidentally started the time when I was getting my lap splits.  Apparently, I need a Garmin tutorial.

Even though my run was kinda a bust, I got a few pics of the nice bike path where I ran for part of my time today. 

I was relishing the shaded parts because (once again) I forgot sunscreen.  I don't think I got too burned, but I need to remember to bring some when I am going to be running outside.

I found a little park (with a small lake).  I might go back there some day and do some trail running.  I just wasn't feeling the trails today and decided to stay on the paved paths.

Thank God for shelters with bathrooms and running water to fill my hydration belt.  :-)

I also need to thank good friends for letting me show up at their house for the sole purpose of using their shower.  See, I got done with work at 1:00 and it just didn't make sense for me to drive home (30 minutes), then go on my run and shower, just so that I could drive back to Marshfield (30 minutes) for my EMT class tonight.  So, I ran after work, showered at Teena's house and then met my friend Barb who was gracious enough to lend me some cookbooks and Vegetarian Times magazines to help me in my vegetarian transition.  I am going to have a lot to look through and I can't wait!  Tim is going to love going veggie.  ;-)

What is your favorite vegetarian recipe? 

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  1. Just found you through the Madison Marathon blog. Looking forward to following your journey! :-)