Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eleven Miles

Today was another PDR!  I tackled 11 miles.  Here are the splits:
Mile 1: 9:59
Mile 2: 9:39
Mile 3: 9:47
Mile 4: 9:49
Mile 5: 9:57
Life is going so well at this point.  I am having fun.  Everything feels great.  I'm at an easy pace.  I'm actually thinking about all the wonderful things I am going to blog about when I get home.  Then....
Mile 6: 10:39
Mile 7: 10:49
Mile 8: 10:41
Mile 9: 10:36
Mile 10: 10:48
Mile 11: 10:19

The worst part is that I wasn't tired cardiovascularly.  It was that my legs felt like they were laden with lead.  It was hard to get them off the ground.  I started tripping over my toes and accidentally kicking the inside of my ankles with each stride.  I even had to take 2 mini walking breaks....and I don't usually do that.  It was disheartening.  But I think the solution is that I need to lose a few pounds.

I know that is a dangerous thing to say, coming from someone who has struggled with an eating disorder.  And even though I haven't stepped on a scale in months, and only my doctors know what I truly weigh, I'm pretty sure that I am at the upper end of what would be my ideal weight range.

So, I have some pounds to play with.  I think that my body would function better on my long runs if it didn't have to carry around so much weight.  But....how do I tackle this without falling into my previous patterns of restricting?

First, I have something motivating me.  I LOVE TO RUN!!!  And to run, my body needs fuel.  But I need to give it appropriate fuel.  Good carbs, proteins and lots of fruits and veggies.  I can cut out some of the extraneous calories that I take in.  Especially things like the super yummy marshmallow-y treats that someone brought to work yesterday.  And I don't need to have two sugar cookies at church on Sundays.  I can make smaller bowls of banana ice cream for dessert.  And I'll be able to stop my coveting of the McDonald's Shamrock Shake, because it has to be disappearing soon.

I am not sure how I am going to monitor my progress.  We don't own a scale (other that the Wii balance board), and I am still a little nervous to get on a scale and know my weight.  What I really care about is whether the number is going down.  I guess I need someone who can look at the scale and just let me know which direction the number is going.

And, I can monitor by how I feel on my runs.  If I drop a few pounds, my legs should be better able to handle the stress I am putting on them.  Wish me luck.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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