Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ is Risen!

Tim has been busy helping out at church over the past week, to prepare for the Easter morning service.  He was there two nights during the week, and until midnight on Saturday.  But it all paid off.  The service was fantastic!

They were able to sync up three different projectors and play these videos across the entire front of the church.  The band was playing and the church was darkened and the music and video experience was so intense.

I got asked to help with communion at the last minute.  There were so many people there that the ushers were getting extra chairs and suddenly it was time to serve the elements.  I was standing in the sound booth with Tim and one of the ushers came and grabbed arm and said "I need you!"  I was happy to help.  I've ushered before, so it was my pleasure to be able to serve.

This Sunday was also Pastor Gayland's last week preaching.  He is going to be working for the district full time, focusing on Missions.  It is right up his alley, but we will certainly miss him. 

We closed out the 2nd service with a baptism.  Several people publicly declared their faith today.  It was incredible.

And, of course, we had to have a family picture taken.  I think we look good!

And, since we had the camera, why not take a bunch of group shots?  We have some great friends at church.

Ben and Amy right after Amy's baptism.

Demarie and Piper, Heather and Mercedes, Bonnie

Preston and Paxton, Art, Maddox and Dan, Tim and Jaden

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