Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning

I had a crazy Monday morning. I walked in and before I had even turned my computer on, I was handed a note from the appointment coordinator regarding a patient who needed labs ordered. I quickly turned my computer on and ran to the bathroom while it loaded all my programs. I got back, ordered the labs and then realized that I already had 2 patients waiting and I needed to get my butt in gear.

I went to check in the first patient and there were no documents for that patient online. I don't know how they didn't get done, but I was frantically working with the appointment coordinator to try to get the documents loaded, while I gave another patient an immunization. Then I got the first patient roomed, and the paperwork filled out. When the next patient showed up, I noticed that this patient didn't have any documents loaded either. I felt so flustered and I was trying not to get overwhelmed while I calmly let the appointment lady know that I needed some more documents loaded.

She responded by letting me know that there was another patient up in the lab who didn't have any lab tests ordered. So, I had to pull up some more patients and check their status with the lab. I soon figured out that all of the patients that my provider was seeing today needed to have lab tests ordered. Yikes!!

The good part is that all this craziness made the morning fly by. By the time I had a chance to sit down and eat my oatmeal for breakfast, it was already 10:00. But I was starving and that oatmeal didn't stand a chance! I thought about making it with coffee for an extra boost, but I just had a cup of coffee when I finished my breakfast.

Someone in the office brought in a plethora of baked goods. I've already sampled one of them. It was a yummy marshmallow-y treat with some sort of nut and white chocolate chips in it. I'm also eye-ing some banana bread that looks moist and delicious.

The afternoon doesn't look nearly as crazy as the morning has been. I am hoping to get out of here by 4:00 and to get to the gym for a 3 mile run before Bible study tonight. Tomorrow is my 11 mile day. Can't wait for that !!!!

Happy Monday everyone.

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