Friday, April 30, 2010

I hate driving in the rain

What a crazy drive to Madison!  The wind and rain were horrible.  For a time, between Wausau and Stevens Point, we were driving less than 40 miles and hour and the visibility was next to nothing.  It seemed like forever, but we finally made it to Madison and got to Fleet Feet to pick up the race packets for tomorrow's race.  I am bummed that Holly won't be running it with me.  I have been looking forward to running with my sister, but she needs to take care of her back and heal well so that she can keep playing volleyball.  And, hopefully, she can run with me another time.

After picking up the registration, we drove over to my aunt's house.  And, as per usual, she had a feast ready for us.  There was chicken in gravy, couscous, broccoli, green beans with almonds, veggies and dip, yummy rolls and a chocolate cake to die for!  I think I have definitely loaded up on calories for the race.

Now we are getting tucked into our hotel for the night.  The hotel is great (I'll have pics later) and I am hoping to sleep like a baby and be to the chip pick up at 8:00 tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck!!

And, good luck to my friend Bryon who is running the Illinois marathon this weekend; Becky and Rob who are running the Illinois marathon relay; Liz, Becky and Beth who are all running the Eau Claire half marathon. 

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