Thursday, April 1, 2010

Niche Blogging

My friend Megan, posted a very interesting vlog on the topic of niche blogging.  I will admit that most of the blogs I read are niche blogs.  They are about parenting, or healthy living, or running, or saving money.  I have often envied those people who write their blogs as a source of income and I certainly have desired to have a little bit of money coming in from this crazy blog that I write.

But, in order to use your blog as an income stream, you really have to focus on one subject.  And you have to be very faithful to consistently writing about that topic.  I'm not really sure that I want to limit myself in that way.  There are days I want to write about food.  There are days I want to write about my crazy kid.  There are other days that I want to write about running, or my job, or the weather, or an upcoming vacation.  Sometimes I want to write about nothing at all and I just use my blog as a chance to try to organize my thoughts by seeing them written down.

Maybe someday I will have a money-making niche blog.  But for now, God has decided that it isn't in the cards for this stage of my life.  Who knows what He has up His sleeve for the future.

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