Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My first EMS call

I was just sitting down to dinner with by boys when the pager went off.  It was kinda exciting.  I looked at Tim and asked him if I could go.  He said 'sure' so I was off.  I managed to stuff a couple bites into my mouth and change my shirt and I was heading to the fire station.  There were three other people there when I showed up and there was a little confusion about who was going to actually go on the call.  The firefighters had their annual banquet tonight so all of them wanted to stay around to go to that.  I ended going with two other EMT's and a firefighter driver.

I can't get into specifics, naturally, but I was glad to be able to observe the EMTs at work.  We transported the patient and met with ALS en route before delivering the patient to the emergency department.  I'm glad that it wasn't a high stress call for my first time out.  The EMTs that I worked with great with answering my questions and explaining what they were doing.  I feel ever-so-slightly more prepared for the next call, but with EMS it is impossible to know what that next call with be.

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  1. exciting! glad to hear it wasn't a high-stress call --- I can't even imagine!