Thursday, April 1, 2010

Working hard

Today is a pretty slow day in Occ Health.  I am working with one provider, but his regular MA is also here to help out with any questions that I might have  I am also trying to take in all of the last minute instructions from the MA who will be having her baby (any day from the looks of things).
I had a little time to do some studying for class tonight.  I can't remember if there is going to be a test tonight, so I thought I'd try to brush up on some trauma info.  If there is a test, I might be in trouble.
I am hoping to get out of here in time to go lift weights before class tonight.  I'd love to get a good arm workout in!
And, even though it is April 1st, I am still holding out hope that McDonald's will have a wonderful Shamrock Shake for me.  They are so good and I am going to be sad to see them go.  But, if they were available year-round, I don't think they wold taste as yummy.
I'm still trying to think of a good April Fool's trick to play, but my mind is just drawing a blank.  :-(

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