Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I learned

Yesterday I ran 12 miles. I am still living off the runner's high and I can't wait until my run tomorrow to see how my legs feel.

I learned a lot from my 12 miles yesterday. I learned that cold temps, gusty winds and rain won't deter me. I will continue with my run. (now, snow and sleet would probably have produced a different result.) I learned that I can do anything for one more mile. When I started to doubt my ability to finish, I would just put my head down and power through for a little bit longer and pretty soon the defeated attitude would vanish.

I learned that running 12 miles makes me very hungry for the rest of the day. Like...STARVING! I don't even know if I could remember everything that I ate yesterday. I tried to keep it relatively healthy. The day started with oatmeal (with pumpkin and banana). When I got back from my run, I ate half a banana and then a slice of toast with peanut butter and banana. I had a hard time putting the peanut butter on the toast because I kept detouring straight to my mouth. I had a few slices of cheese and a big handful of dried fruit. And then another banana. After my interview I had a slice of orange-cranberry bread and a small cappuccino (running 12 miles also makes me really tired). I had some yogurt, fruit and granola before class and during class I had some carrots with hummus and a shamrock shake. After class I snacked on some yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels. I felt like I was eating the entire day, and I'm sure that I missed something in this list. I even woke
up hungry this morning and that never happens. It usually takes my body a couple hours to even realize that it is awake before it starts to think about breakfast.

I think one of the best things that happened yesterday (other than my 12 miles and relatively good interview) was the adorable video that Jaden made for me. He sat in front of the computer and showed me the birthday card that he made for me. He told me that he loved me 60 love! (I have no idea what that means, but I'm pretty sure it is a good thing.)

I hope you are all enjoying your 'hump day.' I'm working hard and looking forward to an evening with the family.


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